How Many More Days Until School Starts??

the final countdown

It’s not like I am ready to work in peace again or anything.  I will totally miss the fights between them, the whining I’ve heard.  I am not at all excited for them to go back to school…..

Okay, honestly, I will miss their sweet faces, but this summer has been one full of indoors due to stupid rain all.summer.long!  I am ready to have a little peace while I work and for them to go back to actually appreciating each other, something that seems to require them to have some time apart.  School is almost here y’all!!

When do you kids start school?

And just in case you haven’t heard the song I am referencing…have you NOT seen Pitch Perfect??  Well, here is the original video (the song is played in Pitch Perfect too, you really must see that movie):

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  1. 1

    It’s starting soon. I can’t believe how fast the summer came and went.

  2. 2

    We are two weeks into school here and now it’s the homework whining.

  3. 3

    My kids went back on Wednesday. Hello peace and quiet, it has been amazing!

  4. 4

    Week & a half, but she did summer school until Aug 8th for 2 days a week.

  5. 5

    For me, two go back and two are homeschooled this year, so back to school doesn’t hold quite the same meaning as it used to.

  6. 6

    As a teacher I am dreading the start of the school year. That is more my reaction for the end of the year. 😛

  7. 7

    Let me count the ways, Sat Sun yes they start on Monday. None of them are looking forward to it.

  8. 8

    LOL, I like your way of thinking! We start next Tuesday and I am super ready!

  9. 9

    School starts Monday here.

  10. 10

    hahaha love that song! So looking forward to school starting it’s not even funny how much we need the routine.

  11. 11

    My kids go back to school next week, we just picked their schedules up today!

  12. 12

    LOL — we have one more week and I’m ready too! (although, since I’m teaching I won’t have much of a respite!).

  13. 13

    LOL! This made me laugh!! And now I have that song stuck in my head! 🙂

  14. 14

    My kids start on Thursday

  15. 15

    My dude starts school next Monday so in 9 days- I’m super sad, but that’s because it’s his first year. I am totally looking forward to my newfound productivity though!

  16. 16

    My son starts Monday and my daughter the following Monday! Can’t wait! They are bored and need something to do!

  17. 17

    It starts Monday!!!! YEA! I am so looking forward to it.

  18. 18

    We have a bit more time, and I’m getting kind of sad about it.

  19. 19

    TODAY !!!!!! And it was glorious !!!!

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  20. 20

    School starts for us on Monday and I’m so sad….

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