*Exclusive* Corey Stoll Interview “I Wanted To Be The Bad Guy” #AntManEvent

Corey Stoll

“I wanted to be the bad guy”. Those were the words out of Corey Stoll’s mouth when asked how he felt about playing Yellowjacket in Marvel’s Ant-Man. During my trip to LA, I was lucky enough to sit down with Corey Stoll, resident villain, and chat with him about facing off against Paul Rudd. According to Corey it really wasn’t that hard to get into villain mode. To him, the role was fun to take on even though his character (when he wasn’t yellowjacket) was, well, a bit of a loser.

He wanted to make sure Yellowjacket was scary, even though he is possibly one of the least cool guys in the world. He’s trying to be Tony Stark AKA the coolest guy in the world…but doesn’t quite pull it off. So, the next best thing is to try to take over the world, right? You’ll see Corey’s character exactly has he described. He has all the fancy suits and the fancy car, trying to make himself more than he really is, for the sole reason of trying to impress the father figure in his life.

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Corey on wanting to be the villain

As I said above Corey wanted to play the villain, in fact in a meeting with Marvel executives a few years ago that’s the first thing he said “I want to play a villain“. Corey Stoll played the part of Yellowjacket perfectly and if the opportunity arises, would love to reprise the role. With the villains you aren’t stuck with signing a contract for several movies but you can come back if needed, so that is what really drew Corey into the part. Okay and maybe getting to be super cool in a suit (just you wait until you see the movie)!

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The Suit

When you see Yellowjacket in action, you will notices the pretty amazing suit he wears. There were a few times Corey headed to Atlanta to try an actual suit on, and everyone tried their hardest to say it looked cool, but the real life suit just didn’t work it. Thanks to CGI and amazing people who know what to do, they made the suit epic. According to Corey, “I love the way it works, CGI, because I wasn’t wearing the suit you see in the movie but it looks so real, it’s really amazing

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Corey Stoll on His Comic Book Obsession

According to Corey, he has always really been into comic books so, you can imagine, being cast in a Marvel movie is pretty epic! He was into the real Superhero Marvel Comic books and graduated into the darker stuff as he got older (hmmm no wonder he wanted to play the villain…ha). His favorite comic character was Spiderman, because Peter Parker was a high school student that he (and kids now) could identify with the most. Being from Queens, the whole New York part of it really appealed to Corey!

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Corey on Relating To His Character

There is a part to the movie that didn’t make it in, where Darren is trying to sell this yellowjacket technology that he thinks will save the world. “He really does want to change the world for the better, so I could completely relate to that“, says Corey. He also mentioned how Darrin wants to get that father figures approval and with Michael Douglas playing that father figure, he wanted that same approval.

It was so much fun getting to sit down and chat with Corey Stoll. He does amazing in his role as Yellowjacket in Marvel’s Ant-Man. You’ll get to see my full movie review tomorrow so be sure to check back! Until then check out my Michael Douglas, Paul Rudd/Evangeline Lilly, and Antourage interviews!

Corey Group

Don’t forget, Ant-Man, hits theaters TOMORROW (7/17) so get your tickets now and go see it. You will be really sad to miss this one!

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