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As you watch Marvel’s Ant-Man, you will quickly fall in love with the characters played by Michael Pena, TI, and David Dastmalchian AKA The Antourage!  They have such a great on-screen chemistry and in addition to Ant-Man himself (Paul Rudd) set the movie up for laughs galore.  The same can be said for the exclusive sit down interview I had with the three of them!

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The trio really are a huge highlight in the movie, just their characters are so funny and down to earth, trying to be sidekicks to this super hero…while making sure to stay out of trouble. I’ll be honest, I am waiting for “The Antourage” to be made and a whole new marvel series kick off thanks to these three! Fans are gonna want to see it, it’s not just an action movie, it’s a comedy too. So, with Ant-Man joining the Marvel Comic universe, what did they think of getting to be a part of the action-comedy adventure even though they aren’t technically the superheroes?

Michael: The comedic part is just so great and fun for people. Because, not everybody has superpowers right? But we’re good at something. It’s just like what do you do with the thing that you’re good at? Are you gonna’ do something good in your life or are you going to let your past define you? And I love that. I think that’s what makes these films great for families.

David: You know, we are the audience in a sense. The 3 of us and and it’s funny because we’re with Paul Rudd who’s one of the funniest guys on the planet and yet there’s still all the great comedy in the film. I mean there’s tons of big comedy from everybody, so I loved

TI: It seemed like we just all saw that we were around a group of goofballs. Like, “Oh okay we’re gonna’ goof off a little bit.” So, it just happened to work.

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David and TI both elaborated on how they actually came to be a part of this project. It was especially tricky for TI because he is always on the go and in fact was in Africa around part of this. Here’s what they had to say about the process:

DAVID: I auditioned in January of 2014 and I got the sides and the role description and it’s so different than anything I’ve gotten to do before. My immediate goal was like hey I’m a huge comic geek, I’ve loved comics my whole life. Also, I want something that my mom can go to the cinema and watch and not be terrified, because I tend to play some goofy guys. So I went and I created a voice and the character. The casting director liked it so she played it for the Director at that time. So, I got to read for him, and he liked it. It was a very long process for me. I had 2 auditions and then a test. Then, I got the part and everything started to change. I was like, “Oh my gosh am I still going to get to do a part in the film?” So, my manager called me like 2 months after we were starting and goes, “Great news. You’re going to Atlanta to do tests.” I didn’t understand what that meant, I had a newborn at home, and I was very frazzled and very nervous. I thought okay I’m going to go and do another audition. I went to Atlanta and Michael was there and everybody else. Then I realize what they meant by that kind of test….a hair and make-up test. I had the part. I was in.

TI: When it was first mentioned that there would be an Ant Man film, someone mentioned me in association with it and all over the blogs. Like, “Yo TI’s gonna’ be in it.” and I was like, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” So finally, 2 weeks or 3 weeks before they began shooting, I got a call saying, “Are you in Atlanta?” “Yeah.” “Well can you go do an emergency reading for Ant Man?” “Yeah okay, I guess.” I go and read and they give me a bunch of anonymous scenes to read and they called me back. So, then I have to find a way to re-arrange the rest of my schedule to actually take advantage of this great opportunity to do this film.

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Michael Pena is a comedic genius, how did it feel getting to bring that comedic prescence to Ant-Man especially when working with Paul Rudd, who is known for his comedy?

Michael: You know Paul had a lot to do. Like you can’t really go for the joke you’re trying to propel the story. So I would do stuff and the Director would be like, “Yeah that’s too much“, but I think it helped that I based it off somebody who actually exists, I had infinite ideas about what he could do.

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With TI having kids who are about the right age to enjoy Marvel movies, were they impressed that he was going to be in the next movie with a superhero?

TI: Well, my kids, they’re jaded you know. So when I tell them “I’m going to work. I’m about to be in Ant-Man. They say “Ant Man? What’s that?” “He’s a Marvel character, like the Avengers.” “Oh you’re gonna’ be in the Avengers!?” “No. I’m going to be in Ant Man.” “Well I don’t know Ant-Man, is Ant-Man in the Avengers?” Technically in the comic, not the movies” Will we see Ant-Man in the Avengers.” “No” “Okay well you gonna’ wear a costume?” “No, not I’m not wearing a costume, nevermind, don’t worry about it. I’ll be back.

Getting to chat with Michael, TI, and David was definitely THE FUNNIEST interview to date. Of course, when you see them in Ant-Man, you will be able to understand exactly why that was. Get ready to watch the “Antourage” as they help Ant-Man when it comes to theaters THIS FRIDAY (7/17). Until then check out this exclusive new trailer and get as excited to see the movie as I am about you seeing it!

Did you see this exclusive clip from Ant-Man during the Fandom Awards?

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