*EXCLUSIVE* Michael Douglas Talks Teaming Up With Marvel For Ant-Man

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Michael Douglas Talks Being Hank Pym In Marvel’s Ant-Man

Michael Douglas In Ant-Man

It’s not every day an actor gets asked to join the Marvel Universe, but when they do, they usually say yes. Even for veteran actor, Michael Douglas, it’s not something you can say no to…I mean really…who would turn down the chance to take on a role in a Marvel movie? Because Michael has years of acting under his belt, you might think it would just be another movie…not so. Today, I get to bring you an exclusive sit down interview, with the actor we’ve seen take the screen by storm for years. It’s no different, as he takes on the role of Hank Pym in Marvel’s Ant-Man!

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As with most interviews, one of the things I love to know from the actor is what their favorite scene is. It’s always fun to sit back and watch the movie knowing they really took to a certain scene…or even which were their least favorites. When asked about his favorite and least favorite scene, Michael Douglas said:

“I enjoyed the Pym Technology scenes. I enjoyed seeing this huge picture of me up there on the wall (laughter ensues). I was the founder of the company and just the beautiful work they did on creating that, the designs of that company, I really loved the scenes that were showcasing that. As far as what I liked least, definitely the heavy exposition plot, where I had to do a lot of explaining on how things worked and there’s no rhyme or reason for those. You just have to get a momentum going and try to articulate them and the fact that Peyton, besides being such a good director, was an actor earlier in his life and knew my lines better than I did, was a little intimidating. Because if I stumbled or flubbed, he actually knew these technical names and where they got the ants names from, etc. Those were definitely the more difficult scenes for me”

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It’s such an honor to be included in a Marvel movie (well I assume it is, I haven’t technically been asked myself…yet), and Michael did an AMAZING job with his character but did he ever have moments of wanting to be the superhero. Even if just to get to wear a cool superhero suit?

“Yeah, of course, who wouldn’t, but really, who’s to say I wasn’t in a few of those superhero scenes…I mean, after all, it is hard to tell with the helmet down. You know, though, this is Marvel staying true to the time frame. Hank Pym was big in the late 60’s, early 70’s, so therefor you’re going to need to cast for that. So, I was happy just for that role and just being in an action picture is fine by me.”

I would have to agree with him, just being in an action movie, let alone it being a Marvel movie would be just fine with yours truly as well! We all know Paul Rudd is a comedic genius, and after my Paul Rudd interview, we know there was a lot of laughs on the set, working with him must have been a hoot!

“He’s a lovely guy. He’s very unassuming. Obviously, he did some rewriting on the script and was very helpful. Sometimes I would get frustrated where I’d have one of these five minute long monologues explaining everything and he would have a one-line punch line. I’m thinking “Da**, you get a good laugh and all of that and I’m over here working my a** off.” He’s got an elfish grin and quality about him. But you know, He was, working out and really staying in shape, followed by putting in the whole day. So, my heart went out to him. But, he was fabulous. I will say, it was interesting casting on Marvel’s part. In fact, every film is sort of interesting. I mean, Paul now looks to me like Robert Downey, also an excellent actor, did before the first Iron Man. So, I’m sure this is going to be great for Paul.”

Michael Douglas

Michael admits to not having been much into comics, what motivated him to join the Marvel Universe (as if joining the Marvel universe isn’t really reason enough, right)?

Because it was something different for me. Two of my best buddies are Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito and each of them had a great time as the Joker and as the penguin. I remember them, talking about it. Having been offered anything in this realm before when this came up, I thought “This will be great. This will be cool.” I told my 14-year-old son all about it and he became like an agent. He said “Dad, you know what? This is a whole new audience for you“. I say “Oh, thanks, you’re right“. So, all of that played into it and I wanted to do something different not to mention I was really curious about effect movies, so those were just a few of my reasons for joining in.

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Michael admits to “drinking the Marvel kool-aid” even though he has actually not spent much time reading the comics or Marvel history. Michael Douglas was such a fun interview and it was truly an honor getting to sit down with an actor who I have watched for years was definitely a highlight! Get ready to watch Michael take on the role of Hank Pym in Ant-Man when it hits theaters July 17! For now, enjoy the trailer!

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