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Summer Safety Tips

We love getting outdoors during summer for family fun and of course we have sports outdoors. Here in Florida, we’ve had some very high heat indexes which means we need to take extra care to be safe in the summer. Not only with the heat, but in water play, insect bites, and protecting ourselves from accidents as best we can. It can go without saying that there will be at least one day that injury incurs but we do our best to prevent injuries and we definitely want to prevent heat exhaustion or water accidents. So, today, I wanted to share a few of my personal summer safety tips every parent needs to know.

Summer Fun With Family

Summer Safety Tips

  • Stay hydrated. Hydration is very important to healthy living, but even more so in hot months. During summer you should be upping your water intake regardless of your activity level. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink (which I do, but I am making more of an effort to sip all day). If you are exercising outdoors in extreme heat you should be drinking more than your normal water intake
  • Protect your skin. If you want to avoid early aging, sunblock, hats, coverups, and anything of the like are your best friend. But it’s not just about aging, you want to protect yourself from skin cancer. So, sunblock is a must. You need to apply 20 minutes before sun exposure and reapply often!
  • Just Say No To Bugs. With bugs having the ability to carry diseases you want to keep them away. Mix together an essential oil blend to make a bug spray or get a bug bracelet. If having an outdoor get together get some of the citronella torches to keep them away from your group!
  • Bandage the boo-boos. Keep a first-aid kit on hand. There are going to be cuts and scrapes, so keeping a kit in your car or in your bag is a great way to have on hand what you might need.
  • Teach water safety. Getting in the water is so much fun, but you and your kids need to know water safety. Scope out the area you are going and check the current strength (watch for the surf flags if you are visiting our area in Florida). It only takes a second to get swept away, so being informed is key. If kids can’t swim make sure to have them in floating swim gear or lifejackets, the beach with its waves and currents is not the best place to start your swim lessons.
  • Have an indoor fun day. Everyday doesn’t have to be spent outside during the summer. In fact, it’s best to schedule a few inside days each week so your body gets a much needed break from the elements. Play games, watch movies, just enjoy the indoor fun!
  • Get accidental and supplemental insurance coverage. As mentioned, accidents are likely to happen at some point during summer break. Especially if you are like us and very involved in sports during the summer.


When those accidents happen, it can take some of the fun out of summer, especially when they are unexpected. Aflac is here to help in those unanticipated moments that may have a financial impact on you, with their supplemental insurance. Aflac’s One Day PaySM allows Aflac to process, approve and pay eligible claims in just one day. They pay you directly, unlike insurances who pay the hospital first and then you can get refunded…maybe. Which means, if we have an accident emergency I can rest easy, knowing our bills will still be covered, because I won’t have to empty our bank account. I don’t know about you, but that gives me peace of mind

So, stay safe this summer as best you can with the tips above, but if you have an accident, be sure to look into Aflac’s supplemental insurance, if anything to have that peace of mind for the “what ifs”.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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    We’ve had a lot of shark attacks off NC coast, it’s been a rough summer for NC beaches.

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