Ant-Man EXCLUSIVE! Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly Talk Fights, Improv and More!

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Ant-Man Exclusive Interview

During my recent trip to LA, I had the chance to sit down with the stars of Marvel’s Ant-Man! Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly were so kind to take the time out of their busy schedules to give this Ant-Man exclusive interview. I’ll be honest, I was super excited because I am a HUGE Paul Rudd fan, have been for years and Evangeline is amazing, I have been a fan of hers since a certain bot fighting movie. To have the chance to sit down for this Ant-Man exclusive was simply put…AWESOME!

Photo Credit: Jana Seitzer /

Photo Credit: Jana Seitzer /

As they got comfortable, we got right down to the chat. Paul Rudd, is definitely known for his comedic role in movies, how different was it getting to play a superhero in a Marvel movie (talk about some pressure)? Paul knew there was going to be some comedy, due to past Marvel movies, but with Ant-Man especially. I mean, really, how can you not expect comedy with the title Ant-Man? He could not wait to play the part because he knew, thanks to Marvel reputation, the visuals and action were going to be great (and they were)! However, what really pushed him was the way the movie really centered around family!

Of course with a king of comedy, there was some fun to be had! Evangeline admitted to feeling a bit insecure working with both Michael Douglas and Paul, because they are both so funny. With all the jokes being cracked and not able to get through one scene without breaking character,she had to dig deep. “Paul was so comfortable in the comedic space, I was like, I’ll just dow what you say, whatever you want, I don’t really know what to do. I was so out of my element“. According to Evageline the laughter never stopped between the cast thanks to Paul and Michael’s ability to keep a scene going, even when not exactly following the script. That, to me, is what makes this movie even more fun to watch!

Photo Credit: Jana  Seitzer /

Photo Credit: Jana Seitzer /

Evangeline worked with Paul and Adam in helping to develop her character, so of course everyone wants to know if her character came out how she wanted as far as girl power was concerned. Come to find out, that part was not really contributed by her (cue a standing ovation to Marvel and the writers for including girl power). As Evangeline said “Who doesn’t like a girl who can kick a**, they like to see that on screen.” Of course, what Evangeline really wanted to make sure her character embodied was womanhood. That she have all the dimensions a male character who can kick a** has.

Sometimes female strength can be interpreted wrong and that’s what Evangeline didn’t want. How did she want to portray female strength? By showcasing ALL dimensions including vulnerability, compassion, maternal instinct, a woman who needs love and wants to give love in order to receive that love. That underneath this very hard facade (you will see in her character) she projects to the world out of her need to do what she has to do, is just a little girl who needs that unconditional love.

Photo Credit: Jana Seitzer /

Photo Credit: Jana Seitzer /

With so many memorable moments in the film, it was hard for Evangeline to choose one. There is one very intense emotional scene where she was working with Michael Douglas and it wasn’t until that moment she was like “Oh my God, I’m working with Michael Douglas and he’s a living legend. I suddenly connected to that moment“. Paul never shook that same feeling in every scene he worked with Michael on. “This is acting royalty“, said Paul. One big moment for Paul was walking on set in the suit, “The camera department and everyone stopped and saw Ant-Man for the first time was totally exciting”

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This is a very dynamic, opposites attract between Paul and Evangeline’s characters, what made that work exactly? Evangeline answered this and I absolutely loved what she had to say so rather than sum it up, I’m going to share her entire answer for this question.

“I think that in our lives, we all know what our greatest pitfall is in our own character and we don’t know we’re doing this, but I believe that we’re constantly drawing people into our life to help us deal with that thing. Usually those people are the most unpleasant people for us to deal with because they bring to light that thing that we wish we could just push under the carpet and not think about, even though you know you need to work on.

So, I feel like for Hope, Scott coming into her life could not have more poignantly exasperated the issue of her need for control, to control every little thing, right down to her lipstick point and her haircut. He just is so loose and from her perspective he seems so out of control. I think that’s that rub that we draw to ourselves, in life. She drew in that energy because she needed to face it and she needed to deal with it. I think it’s really appropriate that it’s the Scott Lang character who helps Hope to realize what’s truly going on in her relationship with her father, because she couldn’t see it for herself.”

Our Ant-Man exclusive interview was so much fun and I hope enjoyed getting to know a little bit of backstory into this awesome Marvel movie. Thank you so much to Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly for taking the time to sit down with me for this interview. I have plenty more Ant-Man Exclusive interviews to come from others involved in the film, but for now, I have to go hang with my besties!

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Until next time y’all! Don’t forget Ant-Man hits theaters July 17…and to get you excited, I leave you with the trailer!

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