Positively Positive Friday: Traveling & Giving Back

Hey all you Daily Dose readers. Today is Friday so let's get the positives out there. Every Friday we do Positively Positive Fridays and share anything positive. The only rule is you must vlog (or video for you non bloggers) it. To join in all you have to do is make a video talking about Read More »»

Making It Work With Tim Gunn @ Fabric Care University Day 1

Recently I had the chance to go to Cincinnati for an event with Procter & Gamble called Tide & Downy's Fabric Care University. While we were there Tim Gunn and myself became bff's you know. Hold on Hold on I have the picture to prove it You see! I am telling you we have a show in talks Read More »»

Hotel Sweet Home: Residence Inn

When my family travels we like to stay in places that are comfy, homy, give great deals, and so much more.  This year for our trips we are looking at Residence Inn.  With new renovations Residence Inn is beating out the competition for places families will look at to stay while traveling this Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

I was lucky enough to get to meet up with some wonderful (and sane) friends from high school for a night while I was in Florida.  You would think it would be a bit awkward because 2 of the people I met up with I literally have not seen since I graduated in 1997.  I can say it was not awkward at Read More »»

I’m In Florida & You’re Not!

AREN'T YOU JEALOUS. No worries though, when we move back this summer you can all come to my house and party for vacations woot!!! So we made it down, with stopping to tinkle, eat, etc. The usual 12 hour drive took about 14. Yes I was exhausted that night. We met up with my family at Xaxby's Read More »»

Breast Talk, Mardi Gras & A Little WHO DAT (vlog)

Hey y'all! Welcome to my tidbits, the place I gab about everything and nothing. Today it's definitely not nothing, I have a few things to share with you! So I am a bit nervous about tomorrow, though I am sure everything will come back okay. And who besides me was SO EXCITED after the game last Read More »»

Quotable Sunday: Mardi Gras

This coming Friday as one of the bloggers blogging for My Mardi Gras Experience, I will have the opportunity and honor of attending Mardi Gras in New Orleans. My very first time to New Orleans and Mardi Gras in fact. So I thought this week I would post a few Mardi Gras quotes I came across. Keep Read More »»

Toni’s Tidbits: Mardi Gras, TV Reruns and Work

Hey y'all! It's Moi with the tidbits going on in my head. Today I am telling you all about going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras in about 2 weeks. What television reruns I watch daily and all about what annoys the crap out of me at work. Sorry to bust the bubble of those hoping I would really Read More »»

2009: A Year In Review At A Daily Dose Part 2

As mentioned 2009 was an eventful year here at a Daily Dose, which brings me to the second half of the year.  More posts I think are worth paying attention to from the last year here at my place.  With Blogher, Trips and so much more you definitely will want to check out some of these posts and Read More »»

Toni’s Tidbits: I am Not a Sugar Cougar

You love my picture huh, so it's going to be called Toni's Tidbits now instead of Tuesday's Tidbits. So as you all know I went to Las Vegas last week for Sitscation.  I had a blast staying at The Venetian and attending Kim Kardashian's birthday...oh yes I did!!!  You're jealous aren't you? Read More »»

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