Table Talk Event: Day 1 Run Down, MIngling and Cruising

I just returned for a trip to meet with the wonderful company, General Mills, at an event called Table Talk.  Table Talk was about 25 bloggers, getting to know the inside of General Mills, with everything from how quickly they get vegetable from field to can to having the once in a lifetime chance Read More »»

A Flying I Will Go..Tomorrow! General Mills Here I Come

If you haven't noticed for the last several weeks over in my left sidebar there is a button for Table Talk. I was so excited when Coyne PR contacted me and asked me if I would like to meet with General Mills and talk with them about dinnertime solutions.Tomorrow I will fly out for Minneapolis and Read More »»

Tuesday’s Tidbits: Written STyle

Oh gosh where do I begin, this is my Tuesday's Tidbits but instead of vlogging it I am writing it out. First and foremost let me go ahead and warn you as I am not sure when everything will start happening. If all of the sudden you can't get to my site, my feed isn't updating in your reader, no Read More »»

BlogHer 09: My Thoughts, My Pride and The Short Insert About Stupid People

*My AMAZING label daddy team members, and closest friends I might add, Sara, myself, Scott (one of the dads behind label daddy), and Miranda. I have another picture with the other team member in it I just haven't uploaded it so be on the watch, I haven't forgotten the wonderful Bridgette. * Read More »»

Beachin It: Priceless

I know this lack of posting today disappoints my wonderfully faithful readers! I really do apologize and it won't be much better (unless I motivate myself to go schedule some posts tomorrow, hmm yeah don't hold your breath) until after I get back from vacation. You see I am one of those people who Read More »»

Less than 80 days now!!!!!!!!!

Until I am in toasty Pensacola Beach, Florida. I miss my home so much, once a year is just not enough beach time for someone who lived on the beach the first 22 years of her life! Not much to say this morning, I am just getting ready for P90X class which happened to kick my butt last week but I am Read More »»

Yep, Yep It’s About That Time Again, Florida Bound….

In exactly four days, I will load my crew up, and we are Florida bound. We will drive all night and get there Saturday morning. Okay, so when I say we, I mean my husband will drive all night while we all sleep (yes it is a hard life for me I know). When we get there we are going to my favorite Thai Read More »»

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