Meet The Hawkins Family And Tips For Picky Eaters

kids quick snackA couple weeks ago I introduced Boost Kid Essentials Share Your Story App and one of the families who are sharing their stories. This post I want to introduce you to the Hawkins family. With three kids it can sometimes be tricky making sure your kids are getting the nutrients they need especially when they are picky eaters. That’s why Sarah Hawkins turns to Boost Kid Essentials. Check out their story and BKE testimonial:

I know a thing or two about picky eaters. My two sons are of mind if it’s not carrots, beef, chicken, or potatoes we don’t want to try it. My daughter is a little more easy going when it comes to trying something, she will even try to appease me with an “I actually do like that mom, but I am full right now”. While she is a little more adventurous in trying, she still sticks to her guns if she doesn’t immediately like the taste. No matter how many times I try to reason with them that if they just give it a chance they may end up liking it, it never seems to work. So today I want to share with you a few tips I have when it comes to picky eaters.

  • Be patient with new foods.  This is one I have to follow especially with the gagging after one bite bit.  I try to reassure them chances are they will come to like whatever it is they aren’t at the moment but I don’t force them to eat a serving full of greens if they are barely getting it down.  I figure that is the sure fire way to get them not to eat something the rest of their life.  So while we do make them take at least one bite of everything on their plate we don’t make them sit there and suffer through green beans that they are gagging while trying to swallow.
  • Make it look fun.  If you have a plate with each portion sitting boringly on the plate it’s not appealing to the eyes and with my kids eyes are the window to the taste buds.  If it looks fun to eat chances are there is a little bit in their brain saying yep this is going to be awesome.  So make a sandwich look like spongebob, or make a celery stalk turn into a piece of wood filled with sap (Peanut butter) that has ants (raisins) crawling all over it.  My kids love when food is fun.
  • Show them how their friends like it.  If your child is very anti green beans or any other thing, find out if one of their friends enjoy it and have them over for dinner.  Let your child see their friend eating the dickens out of something and a little thought of “Hey, so and so is eating it so it must be good” usually jumps around.  Sometimes just wanting to show their friends they can do something too is all the motivation they need.
  • Praise them.  If my son, who is very anti veggies, eats a few green beans without complaint he gets a standing ovation.  Let them know how proud you are of them for eating something you know that they didn’t like and reinforce that it means they are growing up to be such a big boy/girl.
  • Offer them variety.  Don’t get hung up on making them eat one particular veggie (or whatever) until they like it.  Could be their taste buds aren’t fans of certain things yet but they may like squash even though they don’t like collard greens.   Also, try cooking your foods in a variety of styles with different spices.  Sometimes it’s the way something is cooked that can turn a child off.  Heck even as an adult I will not touch a canned green bean but I will eat the heck out some sauteed fresh/frozen ones.
  • Have them help on your shopping trip.  Carouse the fresh section and let them pick the one veggie they want to have this week as well as one veggie they are willing to try.  Knowing they had a hand in helping pick it out peeks their interest in eating it.
  • Keep Boost Kid Essentials on hand for those picky moments.  They are a great way to add some nutrients into the picky eaters body.

Those are some of the tips I have when dealing with my picky eaters.  This is one of those parenting battles that will always be around so try to make it a little less stressful on the both of you.  Sometimes holding your ground isn’t as important as meeting in the middle for the greater good.  I would love to have you share some of your picky eater tips with me over on my facebook page, please share them and be sure to take Boost Kid Essentials so they can see what tips you have.  Also, check back in a few weeks for my final post in the Boost campaign where you will meet the final feature family as well as have the chance to win a case of Boost Kid Essentials and a $50 Rewards Card.

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    great tips. I think I need to stock up on these

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    Great tips, Jake is a pretty good eater, but he’s never really liked vegetables. I keep trying though and he’s 15.

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    I’ll try anything at this point!

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    I know picky eaters oh too well. Thanks for the tips some thing worth checking in to .

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    This is really helpful.

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    I thought my kids were picky, but not as much as some I’ve just met.

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    My son’s a picky eater, too. I will say that he is getting a “little” better. So maybe one day he will be much more adventurous in trying new foods. 🙂

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    April Decheine

    Great tips, it can be difficult when they are picky eaters 🙂

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    I should pick some up for my kids. They are picky eaters, and I am always worried that they are not getting enough nutrients and vitamins.

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    We need all those tips. Sweet T would just live on fruit snacks or starve I think!

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    Thank you for the wonderful tips!

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    Thankfully my kids aren’t too picky, but they have their moments. These are great tips!

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    Great tips!

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    Could definitely use some of these tips, my youngest is a very picky eater.