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Ty Simpkins

Photo provided by Disney with permission to use.

Getting to chat with the adorable Ty Simpkins, who plays Harley in Iron Man 3 was such a highlight of my trip to the red carpet premiere of the movie. I felt like I was sitting with one of my sons friends, he was too cute and it was so much fun getting to know a little more about him.

First things first, we know he has been in several movies so of course it’s normal to want to know how got started in acting.

I’ve been acting since I was born. I was still in my mom’s stomach when the people called and asked me to be on this TV show or a soap opera. I’m not sure. So they asked me, well they asked my mom. She told them I wasn’t born yet but they said they’d wait.

Okay how cool is that, being born into acting, how many can say they have been actors since before they were born!!   Having kids I obviously wanted his thoughts on pursuing acting, in case my kids ever want to.  So, knowing how it all works, would he recommend acting?

Personally I would suggest it, yes

Getting to star alongside Robert Downey Jr. had to be really exciting (at least in my mind), would Ty feel the same way?  His thoughts on working with Robert Downey Jr.

Oh, it’s awesome. Like literally Robert Downey Jr. is my favorite person.

Getting to play in a movie based on a super hero is something my boys would love.  When we asked Ty if he was a fan of marvel movies and who his favorite super hero is, here is what he had to say…

I love the Marvel movies. Iron Man is my favorite.

The character Ty plays, Harley, is such a fun element to the movie.  We wanted to know what his favorite aspect of his character was….

I think my favorite aspect of being my character is I get to meet Tony Stark. I’m similar to him because I’m like a genius in the movie. And he’s a genius in the movie. Of course, more of a genius than my character [LAUGHS]

All of us face challenges everyday but we don’t really think about the challenges an actor may face during filming, next Ty tells us all about his biggest challenge during Iron Man 3 filming.

One line kept getting annoying. I had to say retro-reflection panels. [LAUGHTER] And it was really hard. Then once the day was over I knew how to say it. That happens a lot.

As with all kids, it can’t be all seriousness all the time, here is what Ty had to say about the funnest moment on set.

Okay, I had to do this stunt where I’m sitting on a villains lap. And then I blind him with this prop and jump off of his lap. I took the prop out and I blinded him basically.  So, he started tipping back with the chair and I couldn’t get off, like I jumped off a little late. And I fell back with him. [LAUGHS]

Obviously he gets to be involved in some of the stunt work, so did he enjoy doing stunts?

Yeah, I love doing my stunts. It’s really fun.

Lastly (well for this post, be sure to check out Red Carpet Mama for the second half) we wanted to know who Ty’s role models were and who he hoped to work with.

On who his role models are “So there’s Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans. Johnny Depp.

On who he would love to work with “Besides Robert Downey Jr. I would love to work with Chris Evans or Johnny Depp.”

Photo provided by Crissy with permission to use.

Photo provided by Crissy with permission to use.

Ty Simpkins was kind enough to share so much more with us, and you can see the rest of his interview over on Red Carpet Mama.  Head over to learn what projects he has next, what his next projects are, and a few other things about this awesome kiddo who I am thinking we will be seeing quite a bit of in the future.  Thank you, Ty, for taking the time to sit with us and let us get to know more about you!

Be sure to head to theaters and see Iron Man 3 so you can see Ty Simpkins in action and check him out on Twitter.

**Thank you to Disney and Marvel for providing travel, accommodations and activities on this trip.  Opinions are my own***

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