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A few weeks ago I let you know I was one of the YourSphere Test Drive Moms.  Yoursphere is a social networking sites for kids and teens.  As someone who is in social media my kids see me when I am on facebook talking to my friends and connecting with others.  They love the aspect of me being able to talk with old friends and make new ones all in one place and of course as children of someone who is in social media it’s only natural they want to be involved too right?  In comes Yoursphere.

In today’s post I just want to tell you how to get started so your child can have a place to go online to connect with friends and how you as a parent can still monitor what they are doing.  Monitoring in a way you don’t have to log into their account and yet still able to see everything they do.  The first thing I did was create my parent dashboard.  Essentially it’s my way to view everything my son does on Yoursphere from comments to emails to creating spheres.  I created my username and logged in.

Once logged in I have the option of activating my child’s account by entering his name, birthday, and gender.  Once activated my child can become active and I can keep an eye on his (or her) doings.  Once I had my dashboard and activated my child’s membership he was free to go around Yoursphere and mingle with the other members.  On my dashboard I can see the last time he logged in, though I do wish they would show how long he was logged in for and how many times that day he logged in.

Also on the parent dashboard I can see the content he has posted such as blog or group posts, images he has uploaded, email he has sent to other members, the comments he has posted and what he has on his profile.  Should I feel the need I can also suspend or cancel his/her subscription.  The parent dashboard keeps me informed while still letting him feel like he has a little freedom and I am not hovering over him while he is on Yoursphere.

Now to some it might seem as if the parent dashboard is spying on their children.  Online is forever and while I teach my kids the importance of what to and not to put online, kids are kids and best judgement sometimes escapes them.  He knows I can see what he posts, uploads, and creates which I think is something that helps him remember if I wouldn’t do it in front of mom (or dad, grandma, my pastor, etc) I shouldn’t do it online.  He gets to mingle on the network without me hovering and I can keep an eye on his doings through my parent dashboard.  It’s win/win in my opinion.

Next month I will talk to you about all the things a Yoursphere Member gets to do starting with the sign up process.  So check back to see what I have to say about that.  And for now head over to Yoursphere and sign up using this code: YSMC-0029 it let’s them know I sent ya!

Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in the Yoursphere Test Drive program by Mom Central on behalf of Yoursphere. I received a free lifetime Gold membership on, Yoursphere t-shirts, and a $50 American Express gift card to facilitate my review.

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    I shutter when thinking about aaaannnooottthhheerrr platform. My 7 yr old is on a platform that I monitor very very well. I put him on it so he could talk to my siblings while they are away in college. Unless yoursphere can connect to them on “their” platforms I guess it wouldn’t be much help in our situation?

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