Newspaper Making Light of Oil Spill

On Tuesday  May 4, 2010 while I was in the break room at work I came across a section of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.  I picked it up to pass the time.  As I turned the page I noticed the inserted comic (I use that word lightly because I find nothing funny about this):

Maybe I am a little on the sensitive side because I am from the Gulf Coast and this is something in my opinion that should not be made light of.  I tried to sit and think over the last few weeks that maybe they didn’t realize it was going to be as big of a disaster as it is but really one bit of oil spill is one bit too much.  It should not be made light of in any way.  I stewed over whether or not to post about it and finally decided I was going to.  I mean seriously would the locals here find it funny if the Gulf Coast Papers were making fun of people losing their homes to Tornado’s…I think not

For a newspaper to even publish something like this in this disaster is uncalled for and unprofessional.  This oil spill from the moment it  happened has affected families, people’s livelihoods, sea and land life.  With all this going on from the minute it happened this drawing should never have been published.  It’s making light of a very serious situation and I for one am not okay with it.  Maybe I am a little over emotional on the subject because it hits close to home but in my opinion it was tacky and very insensitive.  Definitely not a shining moment and for that Arkansas Democrat Gazette you overthrow Jim Carrey’s reign and are now the official reigning ruler of:

The Gulf Coast Oil Spill is a serious subject and it should never have been made light of in your (or anyone’s) news paper.

*Please note, I don’t know if the paper has issued any sort of apology or has since changed their tune about the oil spill, one can only hope they realized making light of this was and is not okay

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    Britney Boroughs

    That was published in horrible taste. Thanks for calling them out on it.