Tote In Style With A Beach Bag From Simply-Bags *Review*

It’s no secret that I love the beach. Living in Florida, my family spends several days a week there when the warm weather comes in. When I go to the beach, a beach bag of some sort is key. With sunscreen, goggles, towels, a book, snacks, a blanket, iPhone, keys and whatever else is needed for that one day a roomy bag is something that isn’t a want it’s a necessity. Thanks to Simply-Bags not only do I have room but I have cute too and trust me cute is a necessity for this beach mama.

I had the opportunity to review their Stylish Beach Tote and stylish it is. It’s such a simple style but I love it. After all sometimes the best accessory is one that doesn’t overdo it. Add a touch of personalization and you have me sold. Of course I did have to actually wait for it to arrive to be completely sure I would love it. Disappoint it did not. I loved the green/white stripe combo, it just had a very beachy feel to it. The rope handles are sturdy and the weaving of the tote has held up to my family so far. See how it just looks like it was meant to hit the beach each time we go….

Of course personalization was key because a lot of times we are going with a big group. So, just in case there is another beach bag like mine I want to know for sure which one mine is without having to go through it. With the embroidery option you can use your initials or first name *up to so many characters*. It just added a little something extra to the bag for me. Can’t wait to use this on the upcoming Brandcation!

As mentioned I need storage, when we go to the beach even if just for an hour or two, it requires more than just a towel. The kids each want their goggles, I want my book and iPHone, we have to have about four different sunblocks, four towels, we need water to sip on and it never fails as soon as we get there we hear “I’m hungry” so snacks are a must. We don’t travel lightly even for the shortest of trips to the beach. No worries with this beach tote. It has room enough for everything I need to take mentioned above (now if your needs are different it may not fit it all but it should fit a lot).

According to their site it is made with environmentally friendly materials which is an important factor. This beach tote will be heading with us to the beach, to the water park, and wherever else we might be going over the coming months. Not only does Simply-Bags carry beach bags but they have everything from diaper bags to iPad bags and wine bags to duffel bags. If you are looking for a beach bag this summer season you should consider heading over to Simply-Bags and see what they have to offer.

*I was provided item featured for sole purpose of review.  Opinions are as always my own and honest, not influenced in any ways.  For more please read my disclosure under the PR Friendly tab above.

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    I love the colors and personalization always makes it special.

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    I love bags. I like that you have your name on it.

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    It’s cute, and LOVE the photos!

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    What a great bag! I am always looking for a good beach bag too!

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    It’s great to have a bag big enough to throw everything in and go have a great time.

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    I like the personalization, too. Cute tote!

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    What a great bag! I need a new beach bag!

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    This bag looks awesome! I need one of those.

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    That’s a really nice tote bag! I wish that I lived close to a beach, haha. 🙂

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    Love this bag!!

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    Nice bag!

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    Cute bag!

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    We’ve decided we’re hitting the beach this summer so this would be a great bag!