The Life of This “Mama Bear”, Protecting My “Cubs” Is My Job #ArcticHome

Those 3 faces are my life. I would do anything to help them, protect them, become better, provide for them. It’s one of the job requirements that came when I had the priviledge of becoming a “Mama Bear” to 3 blessings. Being a mama bear means standing up for my kids when they can’t and there are times I have had to do that.

You don’t know how much the term “mama bear” means until you mess with one of my little cubs. I growl with fierceness when one of my cubs is harmed or bullied. Recently I had to show just how much of a mama bear I really become when my middle school son was being bullied. I didn’t hesitate to come to his rescue. Part of being a mom means letting your kids learn on their own but knowing when you need to step in and keep them safe.

A few things I do in hopes of being the perfect mama bear to my kids are:

  • Provide healthy meals for them each day.
  • Allow them to have that treat they have been eyeing just because I think they deserve it
  • Protect, protect, protect
  • Be their biggest cheerleader when they are learning how to maneuver life.
  • Let them fall occasionally, as long as it’s not going to hurt them long term, so they can learn from mistakes.
The term mama bear comes from the animal kingdom and while we may not get quite as aggressive  as the actual bears, the term can fit us just the same. The Polar Bears would do anything to ensure the survival of their offspring and even with all that they do it’s sometimes still not enough.  The polar bears offspring are in jeopardy and Coca-Cola along with the WWF are trying to help protect the polar bears.  By turning their iconic cans from red to white, Coca-Cola, is hoping to raise awareness about their Arctic Home program.

Being a mama bear in my home and in this initiative is important to me.  I can identify with the mama polar bears need to protect their cubs.  There are several different ways you can help protect the polar bears such as parcel purchases through the Arctic home site or donations by simply enjoying your Coca-Cola product and grabbing the code off the package.  Simply  text your package code to 357357 and $1.00 donation will be donated for each package code you text in. In addition to the new limited addition white cans they have they are also introducing some limited edition red cans for the holiday season that raise the same awareness

Did you know besides donation and parcel purchases, you can also find polar bear information and stats onCoca-Cola’s Arctic Home site? In the “Polar Bears” section, you can learn quick facts about the bears or track five live Mama Bears the WWF has tagged in the wild. Each Mama Bear has a special connection with her cubs and will help keep them safe as they trek across the Arctic in search for food and shelter.

I would love to know how you exemplify Mama Bear tendencies, please share your mama bear story in the comments below or tweet me @ToniPatton with the hashtag #ARTICHOME with your mama bear stories.  Surely I’m not the only mama bear out there.

Compensation was provided by Coca-Cola, but Coca-Cola is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this post. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Coca-Cola.

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    I act like a mama bear too…especially when a teacher is being unfair with my child!

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