Taking On The Manta At Sea World

I just returned from a two week adventure in the Orlando/Kissimme area. I am pretty well versed in the theme parks (Universal & Disney) but I had never in my life been to Sea World! Yes, this Florida girl, who has lived in Florida for all but 10 years of her 33 years, has NEVER been to Sea World. I know, I know I need to hang up my Florida hat, because what Floridian has not been to Sea World? However, things have changed and I finally went to visit the world famous park and it’s world famous for a good reason.

Kissimmee Guest Services set me up with a day at Sea World and I was thrilled.  Before I tell you a little bit more about my Sea World fun, let me tell you about KGS.

Kissimmee Guest Services is the most trusted name in tickets since 1997 and we serve over 200 property management and travel related companies who recommend us to thousands of families each year.  We are dedicated to helping you save time & money while creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Our experienced team members are passionate in helping guests get the most out of their valuable vacation time here in Orlando.  Be sure to check them out on facebook so you have them handy for your next trip to the Kissimee area.  

After heading through the gate, my husband and I strolled along.  I noted just how clean everything was and how beautiful the park itself was. Boasting animals galore, a few rides, shows, and places to eat I was pleasantly surprised at just how much Sea World offered. I knew it housed the famous Shamu show…and while that was amazing…it was so much more than that. Whether you are a nature lover and want to get up close with the animals or a thrill seeker looking for that next awesome roller coaster, Sea World has got you covered

Sea World Flamingos

After locking our bags up in a locker, we set out to explore. I immediately saw this monster..

Sea World Manta

and knew I was ready to take on….The Manta Flying Roller Coaster! No, folks, that is not trick photography, you go through each loop. What I noted different about this coaster is the fact that after you sit and are locked in, they raise you so you are basically at a 90 degree angle facing the ground. You are getting to see what it is like to “swim” like a ray. Talk about a new view. I will be completely honest and say this coaster is not for the faint of heart, at one point the g-force is so strong I felt like my stomach was permanently attached to the back of my seat. It was an amazing ride, but when I got off I was a little woozy and off balance. That’s the sign of a GREAT coaster to be honest.

Don’t worry, if you aren’t up for that Sea World offers a few more rides that aren’t quite extreme. The Journey To Atlantis is a water ride that takes you through the secret of Atlantis plunging you out of its gates at the end. Check out the Kracken if you like roller coasters, you get all the thrills of a twisty ride but it wasn’t quite as harsh on my balance and belly.

We had a blast riding rides, watching the shows, and just really taking in everything Sea World has to offer. Be sure to check out Two Traveling Moms next week for a little more Sea World insider info like the food to eat, places to be sure to pass by, and best seats for the shows. Until then, I leave you with these breathtaking photos from two of the shows!

Sea World Shamu

Sea World Dolphins

**Thank you to KCG  for hosting myself and my husband at Sea World. Admission was provided. All opinions are my own**

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    Sea World will always be one of my very favorite stops during vacation, and the shows are the best part!!!

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    I love the photos I love Flamingos!

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    I would love to do this, it looks fun and a great way to spend some time together.

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    I’m so excited to go in two weeks!

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    Now that looks like an amazing experience.

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