Throwing A Baby Birthday Party

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Throwing a baby birthday party can be a lot of fun, though it will be the adults that have the fun as the little one isn’t quite old enough to remember anything. The 1st birthdays are always for the proud parents rather than for the child. It’s good to have the party, but you don’t want to go all out. If you’re the one planning the baby party, here are some things to keep in mind:

Make Food Quick
If you’re going to be serving food at the party, make sure it’s food that the parents can eat with one hand. Serving fancy snacks is just going to be wasted on the poor frazzled parents that are chasing their toddlers around your house, so keep it simple. Anything that is a miniature version of a popular food item (mini quiche, mini hamburger, mini pizza, etc.) will be a huge hit, as the parents can snack with one hand while holding their squirming child in the other.

Make the Party Small
Don’t go all out and invite everyone that you know. You can be a proud parent and invite a few of your little one’s “friends,” but it’s best to keep the party small and informal. Invite people that the baby likes to be with, such as the grandparents, the favorite aunties and uncles, and the cousins. Too many people will cause baby to get fussy, so avoid cramming your home with more people than absolutely necessary.

Get Help with the Babies
You’re going to need help with the little one, especially if you’re the one that is planning and hosting the party. You won’t be able to balance a fussy baby in one hand and a cake mixer in the other, so hire a nanny or get a friend to come help. Rest assured that it will reduce the stress for you, and it will make it easier for you to throw a great birthday party!

Keep it Short
Babies have a very short attention span, so your party probably won’t last more than a couple of hours. If you have a morning party, nap time will roll around sooner than you might like. If you have an afternoon party, the babies will be fresh from their nap, but they’ll want to be a lot more active. Too many babies playing together for a long time can make your party very confusing, so make sure to keep the party short.

Get Baby Practical Gifts
Don’t spend a fortune on funny, colorful, or fancy gifts for the little one, and make sure your friends don’t either! Keep the gifts simple, and make them practical things that the little one will use. Clothes, toys, blankets, balls, and baby gear will make perfect presents, and they are usually fairly cheap. Baby isn’t going to know the difference between a cheap or costly blanket, so don’t spend too much money. Make sure your gifts are customized, and check out the Personal Creations site to find the best personalized gifts for your little one.

What are some tips you have for baby birthday party throwing?

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