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Today’s post is sponsored by Sam’s Club, but my love for their tailgating and football season is all my own!

We are huge on football in our house.  Whether we are headed to a local high school game or watching our favorite teams on TV, there is just something about rooting on the team you love that is so exciting.  One of my favorite parts of football season is the tailgating!  Whether you are “tailgating” in your home or at the game there are definitely some must haves to make your tailgating experience the best it can be and thanks to Sam’s Club, we can get those essentials all in one place.

1)  Portable Stainless Steel Gas Grill.  This is great for home or on the road!  Grill up your favorite foods (hotdogs, hamburgers, shishkabobs) and enjoy the game noshing on some yummies.
2)  Samsung Soundbar.  When you are surrounded by people watching the game, chances are it’s gonna get very loud.  Having a good soundbar is key, to hearing the action and calls over the yells and shouts of your guests or fellow fans.
3) Wolfgang Puck 10-cup Digital Multicooker. This is great for making dips and keeping them warm.
4) A GREAT TV.  Who wants to watch a game when they can barely see what’s going on.  With something like the  Samsung 65″ TV, you are sure to see all the plays as they happen!  And you can even watch in 3D…that’s like being at the game, but in the comfort of your own home!
5) A tablet to keep up with all the team talk on social media, like the Samsung S Tablet!

We all know food is a big part of the tailgating experience, so with Sam’s Club Tailgating, you can pick up some of the snacking must haves!!

Food For Tailgaiting

One of my favorite football foods is chips and dip. I also like simplicity, which means Chili Cheese Dip is a go to for our football gatherings. I take 32 oz. of cubed Velveeta  and 2 cans of Hormel Chili (the no beans kind, for my kids) and place in my slow cooker. It’s a no fuss dip that guests enjoy every time. Buffalo wings with Ranch dip, BBQ pork sandwiches, and of course sweet treats are some of our favorite tailgating foods.

Whether you are a seasoned football fanatic or just getting your cleats wet, Sam’s Club has got everything you need for your tailgating fun!

What are some of your must haves for tailgating?

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  1. 1
    Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Tailgating is definitley all about the snacks. We can’t watch the game without them!

  2. 2

    I think I love your spread! I want that TV. lol. We always have to have the delicious food. Always grilling.

  3. 3

    Food is definitely a big part of our tail gating celebrations. Good food makes everything better!

  4. 4

    The only tailgating I’ve ever done is in someone’s living room, but I do love it! I’m the only sports fan in my family of origin, and while some of my in-laws are fans, my husband is ambivalent, so we don’t watch except for the Super Bowl, and sometimes a local game to support kids we know. My favorite tailgating party snack is sweet and sour meatballs slow-cooked over sliced bell peppers and carrots! Oh, and dip. Pretty much any kind of savory dip.

  5. 5

    Great must haves, we don’t really tailgate but I would just for the goodies you get to enjoy!! Love that portable grill!

  6. 6

    We always snack on Skittles during a game day (though we follow baseball more.) I love that I can stock up on all my favorites (chili dogs here we come!) at Sam’s Club!

  7. 7

    Tailgating is all about the BBQ for us. Good drinks and friends – perfect!

  8. 8

    Great tips! I especially love the tablet. I have an iPad now, but the next time I upgrade, it will probably be to a Samsung. They make really great products.

  9. 9

    Skittles are the best for tailgating. They’re a great snack to keep around for the game. Yum!

  10. 10

    These are all really great items for game day. I have to say the television is the most important, in my opinion! Games are always better on a big screen!

  11. 11

    It’s all about the food! I like the idea of the slow cooker too, would be great for the meat for Taco in a Bag!

  12. 12

    Chips and dip are a staple at my house!!! Also a comfy couch!

  13. 13

    These are all perfect for tailgating. The only other thing I would add is a blanket to keep warm!

  14. 14

    They need to start making blue skittles so I can do blue + green for Seahawks! Great picks!

  15. 15

    I agree its all about the food for us when we tailgate!! Plus the drinks as well!! Great must have list.

  16. 16

    A crackpot is definitely a must have for game day. I’m all about dips and make ahead meals during football season.

  17. 17

    Hormel chili with beans. That’s a must for me and my meaty cheesy casserole!

  18. 18

    You put me down for that TV. I’ll be all over watching! I’m mostly in it for the food right now 😉

  19. 19

    My tailgating must haves are fried foods, chips, and good drinks. Bad, I know, but worth it!

  20. 20

    Those are all perfect for game days… the only thing I would add in is extra seating… ha! for around the tailgate. 🙂 Thanks for sharin

  21. 21

    I thought tailgating was something you did in the parking lot of the stadium pre game.

  22. 22

    I have never been to a tailgating party but would love to! I hear they are so much fun.

  23. 23

    Totally agree! A great TV and food is the best! LOVE chips and dip!

  24. 24

    candy! you bet we have candy around during football season. great list. my husband and i use to tailgate before kids, maybe once they are older we will bring them with us!

  25. 25

    Great essentials! My MAIN most important thing is the cooler. Everything else just compliments that 😉

  26. 26

    Great tips for football season! I am super excited.

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