Lessons We Can Learn From The Duggar Family

There is always a lot of talk surrounding the Duggar family, and while I won’t personally have 19 children, I have to say I admire the way that family runs. I see complaints about the way they choose to live their lives, when I think we should all take a lesson (or a few) from that family. In fact, here are a list of what I think we could all learn from the Duggar family.


This family is so patient with one another. When I lived in Arkansas and saw them in person they were just the same people we see on TV. So very patient and loving to one another. Slow to anger, that’s a biblical taught “rule” and they abide by it so amazingly. Here, I only have 3 kids and seem to lose my patiences much more often than I care to admit. Every time I watch 19 Kids and Counting, it makes me work on being more patient with my kids, and honestly I cn see a difference in when I am patient with them compared to when I am not so patient.


The way the kids set their own courting rules, is neat to me. I want my kids to wait until marriage and I love the way the Duggar children set boundaries for their courtship. I have heard people say “How can you really get to know someone if you are never alone with them”. I venture to say it’s entirely possibly, it works for them. Getting to know someone without physical aspect of a relationship is a great way to focus on the person and who they are, without the distraction of sex. I think it’s beautiful and it make the wedding that much more special. There will be no teenage pregnancy and in todays society, that’s a big plus! I want my kids to wait, so this is definitely a lesson I am happy to have the Duggar family teaching through their show!

Helping One Another.

The Duggars are a huge family, which means for things to run smoothly they have to help one another. If we all taught our kids responsibility and to help each other in our family and those outside our family, like they do within their family, I feel kids, today, would be nowhere near as selfish as they are.  Do unto others as you would have done unto you.  Let older siblings help out with younger ones, let younger kids help with things around the house, teach kids that helping others is a way to give back and enrich their own lives.

Debt Free is the way to go.

While I am not debt free, I have really been inspired by The Duggars. They aren’t living off society and they don’t have debt. Even before they had a television show, they lived by that rule. They reuse things, in fact on the most recent episode, they recovered a stool they’ve had for 10 years. Saving money and not having debt with a family that big is amazing. It makes me think that too many of us (me included) “need” too many things and those things are not worth going in debt over. If you don’t have the cash to buy it, and it’s not a necessity, then hold off!

The Duggar family values and the way they live inspires me to be a better person, their values, their faith, and they way they are as people is really inspiring to me. I could really go on and on about other things we could learn from the Duggars, but for now, I will stop there. What are some lessons you’ve learned from The Duggar Family.

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    Oh you are so dead bang on!! I admit the same.. watching the show and seeing how they let the little things go.. and have such patients inspires me. When I look around my life, it seems a lot more do-able after watching how they do it.
    I would love to sit down and chat with Michelle!

  2. 2

    I love the Duggars & you are right, lots of lessons to be learned. Although the whole 19 kids thing is a bit too many for me. I have 3 boys & I ‘m good. LOL

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