Spring Cleaning Tips: Tackle The Bathroom Without Fear!

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Spring Cleaning Supplies

Okay let’s just all go ahead and say it, spring cleaning can be fun, even therapeutic. It feels so good to clean out your house as the warmer seasons approach. However there is one room that strikes fear in us all, or at least yours truly here, and that’s the bathroom. You know that room that the family uses to rid themselves of waste, wash the day’s grime off, and even pretty themselves. Let’s stop for a minute here, why in the world did someone think it is a good idea to

Let’s stop for a minute here, why in the world did someone think it is a good idea to make a room where you not only go number 1 and 2, as well as wash dirty off your body, but also the place where we brush our teeth and primp. Hmm, I’ll have to have a talk with Mr or Miss person who came up with this idea. No matter who came up with it, one thing is for sure it’s a scary thing when the bathroom is not up to par. I mean not only is it like a biohazard when you pile dirty clothes in a place you are cleaning up but think of how embarrassing it is if a friend comes over the it looks like this…

Messy Bathrooms

No, friends, this is not a horror movie set this was my bathroom before my #SpringClean16 mojo kicked in! Thankfully the Kimberly-Clark brand had all of us in mind and have all the supplies we need for clean, ahem, parts and clean bathrooms. If you head to your local Walmart you can pick up Viva® Big Roll Paper Towels, Viva® Vantage® Big Roll Paper Towels, Cottonelle® Toilet Paper Double Rolls and Scott® Tissue for all your paper needs. Of course, while there you will want to pick up cleaning supplies (gloves, glass cleaner, disinfecting spray, tub cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and maybe even some storage containers) so you can get your Spring Clean on!

Spring Cleaning Tips (Tackle that Bathroom)


Spring Cleaning Tip 1: Gather your supplies. You might notice I don’t have towels or rags to clean with, and that’s because if I want to give myself a little less cleaning I use paper towels so I can clean and throw away, less laundry which means I can focus my attention on something else. Plus, who wants to add MORE laundry to the already never-ending pile! I prefer to use our Viva Paper Towels for cleaning.

They have a signature soft and smooth texture, like an undershirt cloth. They are ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces like countertops and coffee tables, and even soft enough for the hands and face. You can wash dishes with Viva Towels – its strength holds up to multiple rinses, dust baseboards, furniture and more with the soft texture of Viva Towels, wipe tough messes off hands and faces with the strength and smooth texture of Viva Towels. So they are perfect for spring cleaning the bathroom!

cleaning supplies

Spring Cleaning Tip 2: Take everything off every surface you can. Off the counters, out of the shower, off the bath ledges). You want nothing in the way when you are getting rid of the grime! As you can see in my photos above our counters became a throw everything you don’t want on the floor area. So I removed everything and started cleaning. Let me just say I was so embarrassed and so thankful this was the bathroom in our bedroom once I started cleaning. BARF!

Cleaning Counters

No worries, it turned out so clean I could eat off it, but I won’t mind you because I want to keep the counter top space for the items we use on a daily basis. Isn’t she pretty??!!

Clean bathroom counter

Spring Cleaning Tip 3: Only put what you will use on a daily basis on your counter tops. That way you keep it to a minimum, but you don’t have to dig through drawers to find what you need. Here’s what ours looks like

Clean counters

We keep our hand soaps, our toothbrushes and oral care caddy, fragrance warmer, deodorant, razor and cream (for my hubby),  jewelry holder (for me) and our Viva Paper towels! That’s all the items we use daily or multiple times a day, so they are readily available without making our counters look cluttered. Of course, this may vary from person to person. Some ladies may use makeup every day (I don’t) but you won’t want to put that on the counter tops because it will clutter it up, trust me!  Which brings me to spring cleaning tip 4!

Spring Cleaning Tip 4: Get storage for dirty towels, items you don’t use daily to maximize your space! We have a small bin to throw towels in when they are dirty!

Clothes holder

Plus, I have a drawer storage system for my makeup and feminine supplies, which has wheels, so I just roll it out when I need to use it and push it away when I’m done! You can pick up one for yourself here on organizer

Spring Cleaning Tip 5: Trash it all. Okay not really, but look at your health and beauty supplies. If you have something that has only a drop in it or not enough to wash your hair, then it’s taking up space you don’t need it to. So check your body wash, shampoo bottles, makeup, and see if it’s time you got rid of the bottles. Once you do, then you can organize your bath or shower area to make it look nice, which will help you (or me at least) relax. If there is clutter in my bath area, it does me no good to try to take a hot bath to relax, so clean it out and keep only what you’ll use!

NOT RELAXING (or clean)

Messy Tub

Clean and Clutter Free. Grab a box to put little bath supplies in, so they are readily available without making the area look messy.

relaxing bath areabathroom books

Now that I have my bath area in prime relaxation I can finish up with the quick spring clean (we will leave the detailed cleaning for another day).

Spring Cleaning Tip 6: Stock up on needed supplies like Scott 100 Bathroom Tissue (did you catch that 1000, that means 1000 sheets in every roll) or Cottonelle Toilet Paper Double Rolls (with its clean ripple texture for a fresh feeling). With both of these brands you will have tissue that lasts longer, so hopefully, that means you won’t be stuck in a situation that leaves you yelling for help!

bathroom supplies

Spring Cleaning Tip 7: Clean up your cleaning supplies. We just spent all that time cleaning out bathrooms, so if it doesn’t go there it needs to get out! Find a spot for your supplies so when you are ready to spring clean your bathroom through the year you can grab your caddy and go!

I hope you can use some of the tips I have shared today and will head to your local Walmart to pick up Viva Big Roll Paper Towels, Viva Vantage Big Roll Paper Towels, Cottonelle Toilet Paper Double Rolls and Scott Tissue to help with your spring cleaning needs.

What are some of your Spring Cleaning tips?

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    These are great tips. One tip I would have would be to go through your towels and get rid of old dingy one. Replace if need be. But if you are like us you have plants to spare.

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    I don’t have any suggestions. I often clean the bathroom b/c it is the smallest room, but always do it once over light. I need to do more of these, and I love the drawer storage, I want to incorporate that as part of decluttering.

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