Koalasafe Review: Parental Controls To Keep Kids Safer Online

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I am all for making sure my kids are safe when they are online. We have two main computers, my work computer in my office which is off limits to kids and their gaming computer which is downstairs but up against my office window, we want to keep an eye on the kids to keep them safe when they game or go online.  Recently KoalaSafe reached out to me, to try out their product and app to help keep kids safe while online.

What is KoalaSafe?


It’s an internet safety device to give parents ease of mind when it comes to their kids being online. You disconnect all your devices from your current router and connect them through KoalaSafe. Then parents get to set limits, what kids can and can’t do, what apps they can log into and even what levels of safety are needed for each profile. So, really when they can get online and what they can do online is up to the parent, which I LOVE!


In the box it’s super simple, you get the device, the modem connects cord and the power cord. Once you plug it in, connect it to your modem or router and download the app to your phone! After you do that, it’s time to set it up.

You will start by creating your email and a password; then you will connect the device to the app and set up a new password that will be the “wifi” password for all your devices. Next, you can add each wifi connected device, so each person has a profile to monitor.

Then it’s time to customize each profile. So parental devices can be left open (unless you want to make sure you can’t connect during certain hours to give yourself a break). Here are a few screenshots I took from my controls in the app:

 KoalaSafe ControlsKoalaSafe Levels

As you can see you can either set certain times, kids are allowed to be on and even extend those hours (this is an excellent way to make them earn more time by helping do things like wash the car, keep grades up, etc.).  They can get on during those times and once on they can only visit the sites or apps you allow. If kids try to log on when it’s not internet time they will get a message that the internet will be on from x time to x time.

I like that you have different security levels! You can have a stronger security for littler ones who don’t need to be on social media or do partial blocking for older kids who you allow social accounts but want to make sure they don’t come across anything inappropriate or download apps that could be dangerous.

One of the things I adored was that Google safe search is automatically enabled on KoalaSafe. So now I have little worries about my kid’s eyes coming across things they don’t need to see. What’s cooler than that is the awesome people at KoalaSafe are constantly checking and updating the system to keep the inappropriate for kids stuff off as best they can.

As a parent, my children’s safety is a top priority. Both offline and online. I love that this company exists and that they are making it a little bit easier for parents to take control of kids online safety. If you have children, I would highly suggest picking up KoalaSafe for your home and keep kids safer online. In today’s world, you can’t be too safe, and I love the peace of mind that KoalaSafe gives me.

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    This looks like the best I’ve seen. I don’t need this right now, but do know several people who have this concern. I want to let them know about Koalasafe!

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