Saturday Edition of Fantastic Reads Friday

I was so busy yesterday that I did not get to put up my weekly post of all the fantastic reads I have come across so I am doing it today! Yes it’s a day late but at least I am getting to it right.

First please go read and comment on my fun interview here. I had a blast doing this interview and I would love for you all to read it and leave me some love. Okay now the shameless self plug is over let’s get on with the awesome reads out there in blog land.

Mom To 3 Angels: My Husband Got Hit On~ Well this wife has a fun story about her hubs! Hmm I may just use this to my advantage if I were here….it screams bribery!

Mama’s Other Side: Suck Me a Hickey~ OMG um yeah I still wonder what the hell I thought these things were cool for….ahh how we look back and regret things now!

Outnumbered Two to One: Pretty Good For Four Kids~ Well now really, I am beginning to wonder myself if this is supposed to be a compliment…I think next time I would retort with “And may I say you look great for having none”

After A Cup of Coffee: When Your Friends Spouse is Deployed, A List ~ These are some good pointers of how you can help someone who has a relative over seas. A very good list I might add!

Sassy Irish Lassie: Top 10 Things I Learned in Cancun~ This sassy lassie gives up her top 10 thoughts she came up with with in Mexico, I totally agree with #2, the crack is named Edward!

Lazy Crazy Mama: Top 10 Reasons ~ Why she should not take her kids to the halloween party.

Live.Laugh.Love:The Presidential Prayer Team~ I loved this post, no matter who won we should always lift our leader up in prayer for he always needs wisdom on the best way to lead our country.

A Womb at the Inn(sane):900 Attempts at Saving my Last Shreds of Sanity ~ Well like me she seems to have no hope at sanity saving but her blogs are hysterical because of it.

A Modern Mommy: Vote for you Favorite ~ List of awesome blog posts to go read and then vote on your favorite. I enjoyed the Penis one, i about laughed until I cried.

Livin and Lovin:Outback Steakhouse = No Steak ~ Oh my what a dinner fiasco, I would have left one unhappy patron but at least they got a free meal right! And if ever in history another steak restaraunt runs out of steak I think they should be shut down.

My Kids Might be Martians~ Okay i have 2 to list from this blog because they go hand in hand.
Our Little Trafficker ~ Ah the bright future of this child, hmmm maybe he has some connections and he can get me that big screen plasma.
Words with Aidan about the Smuggling Incident ~ If only a child could pick his no punishment as his punishment his world would be perfect.

Motherhood In NYC:This Weeks Rejected Blog Post Ideas~ Posts that failed to make the grade for this author to actually write about.

Okay ladies and gents, that is todays edition of Fantastic Reads Friday (on Saturday). I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did. Have a great weekend and don’t forget all the giveaways going on starting yesterday until the 21 for my Twilight Extravaganza

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