I am sure you are all wondering how I am doing

With my husband gone and all. Okay so maybe you don’t care but I will pretend you do to make me feel better. You know when you think people worry about you it makes you feel special. Anyways, tonight has been nothing but quality time with the men in my life:


Yes I know it’s a hard job but someone has to take on the task of keeping those 5 beautiful men happy and I begrudgingly obligiged myself to the tedious task. Okay so obviously the first 26 hours have already made me looney enough to fantasize about NKOTB and seem to think they are really here. Oh well I guess there are worse things or people to dream up into your house right.

Back to me, things have went well, I have only wanted to run away 5 times which is great I am sure it could be worse. I think really it has to do a lot with the fact that my daughter woke up at 3:45 A.M. this morning….I mean really WTH!!!!!! So of course she fell asleep about 15 minutes before 7 so I am already worried about tomorrow morning. Other than being up since 3:45 things have went well.

I actually (gasp) got some motivation and cleaned house a bit today. Of course it only looked nice for all of 2 seconds before my sweet angelic children completely trashed it again. Well those were a nice 2 seconds anyway, damn me for not taking a picture. I did have a susie homemaker moment today and made cupcakes and ate 2 of them right out of the oven. Hey I deserved them after cleaning!

Nightfall arrives and my oldest son and myself jammed out to NKOTB for quite a long time, in fact I am still jamming but he left me to go watch Zack and Cody. That’s okay I needed very much this quality alone time with my 5 boys (Donnie, Danny, Jon, Jordan and Joey). They have been neglected lately and we just can’t have that. So now I am sitting here rambling just so you all can have something to read even though you really didn’t ask me what my day was like. A simple ‘I am still alive, crazy but alive” probably would have sufficed, but how boring would that be.

So I hope all you guys/gals day has been as funfilled as mine. I leave you with a little bit of the men keeping me company tonight:

Good night and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Twilight Extravaganza Giveaway number 2!!!!!!!!!

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  1. 1

    hey glad you are still alive! i feel like running away like everyday! so i def know how you feel. Love the song! I’m getting ready to jam out too since dh still isnt home from work, ugh!
    Hey, what happened to your Fantastic Reads???

  2. 2

    It’s nice to hear you’re surviving.

    You can jam to NKOTB? The thought never crossed my mind. Actually, I’m trying to purge it.

  3. 3

    OK, so many people are talking about these books I guess I need to read them. Are they appropriate (so spelled that wrong but it’s almost 3 am and I can’t sleep, forgive me) for a 10 year old. Because if I read them then he will want to. If not, I can just read while he is gone. Glad your still alive.

  4. 4

    First off I stop by your blog as I hear about this awesome week of Twilight giveaways and of course I’m intrigued. Secondly I scroll down to find the first giveaway and you have my boys plastered on your blog. I love you already! Your so in my feed now. I went to see them (the boys) about a month ago and am so ready to go again. Glad I stopped by! 🙂