Potty Training Must Haves + What Is The Right Time to Potty Train?

For me as long as they are not school aged (now this does not apply if there are any mental or physical setbacks that prevent them from potty training) I say there is no “right” time.

It annoys me to no end when the parent that had their child potty trained at eighteen months looks down on you because your child is not potty trained at the same age. My little girl will be 3 in June, and while she tinkles on the potty, we haven’t quite got the pooping yet. It’s about 50/50 when it comes to that, she will go half way in the potty then ask for a diaper to finish and she will hold it until she gets one. My boys were both super late potty trainers as well. My oldest wasn’t fully going on the potty until the was right at 4 and my middle didn’t’ until he was 4.5.

I know people look at me and think it was because I was lazy and I can tell you with all of mine, it has not been because of laziness. I am one of those moms who place them on the toilet every 20-30 minutes, and they would do fine with peeing, but it was the going poo in the potty that killed us. For some reason, my children did not like to go in the potty (which to me seems weird in and of itself, that would seem like the first thing they would want to put in the potty LOL).

It was because they weren’t ready in my opinion. We tried Potty Chairs of all sorts, Potty Books for both parent and child, timers so they could hear when it was time to go potty, and of course rewards. All to no avail!

We had many wet beds, speaking of which I must get new mattresses! Had I been smart I would have gotten the mattress covers and pads it would have been much cheaper than now needing to replace a mattress LOL. I just did not let it get to me (okay well the occasional tear of having to clean up poopy underwear came of course).

Here are some of our Potty Training Must Haves:

I trucked along and noticed when I stopped pushing and instead gently nudged them along the potty training track they were more apt to start going in the potty all the time. It annoys me to no end when I hear people say it is because of laziness that a child isn’t potty trained by (insert number here) years old. Some kids just would rather go at their pace, and in my nine years of being a mom, I have seen the children that weren’t pushed regress less than the ones that have.

My advice is this…don’t get frustrated if your child is not entirely trained by 18 months or even three years old. They will do it when they are ready. And as for those people who say rude things, look down on you or assume you’re lazy….remind them that some of our kids actually have their own ideas about how things will go and that’s totally okay. Just follow their lead and nudge them when you need to and everything will be okay in the potty training department.

What are some of your potty traning must haves?

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  1. 1

    Parents know thier kids. I believe you can tell when your child is ready. I never had trouble with my son. Potty trained after he turned 2.

  2. 2

    I totally agree that you know your child and you will know when they are ready.

  3. 3

    I am right there with you, girl. Who cares what they say? We know our kids best. Shoot – my older 2 were potty trained at 2, but my littlest one is 3 and we’re just NOW working on it.

    What the h*ll is the big deal anyway? Friggin’ Potty Police.

    It’s just people judging other people in business NOT their own. Good for you for recognizing your own children’s needs and working with them when THEY’RE ready. Props, Toni. 🙂

  4. 4

    Lmao at the Potty Police, love it!

  5. 5

    I totally agree that you know your child and you will know when they are ready. Happy weekend1

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