Organic Honey Roasted Peanut Butter From Hampton Farms

Welcome to Portales, New Mexico! Home of 17,000 friendly people and three or four old grouches! This is the town’s sign that greets you as you enter their home town. 


Also called P-Town, Portales is one of the largest producers of Valencia peanuts in the United States. It’s also the nation’s top producer of Certified Organic peanut butter.

We stopped in Hampton Farms Peanuts Retail Store to see just how good it was. It was, seriously, the best peanut butter I have ever tasted! They had regular peanut, honey roasted peanut and almond butter and was delicious! My personal favorite was the honey roasted because it had a little hint of sweetness. Along with their organic peanut butter, they also have raw honey, peanut brittle, okra chips, and plenty of other tasty delights. It is definitely worth it to stop into Hampton Farms when visiting Portales.

Peanut Butter

Just so you are prepared, currently here are the Peanut Butter Prices
All Natural – 1/2 pound $1.79, 1 pound $3.19
Almond Butter – 1/2 pound $2.79, 1 pound $4.19
Honey Roasted – 1/2 pound $2.29, 1 pound $3.69

Peanut Butter Store

You can find Hampton Farms Peanuts Retail Store at: 
620 E Lime St
Portales, NM 88130
(575) 356-8545
(575) 359-0072 (fax)

BONUS after you visit (or order online), you can add  peanut butter and honey to your waffle! It’s DE to the LICIOUS!

Peanut Butter Honey Waffle

Do you like adding peanut butter or honey to your waffles? Have you ever visited Portales, New Mexico?

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