DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree, A Twist on Christmas Decor

Driftwood Christmas Tree

Living in New Mexico, we haven’t really gotten into the holiday spirit yet this year. It’s so different for me because I have spent the past 30 years celebrating Christmas in Florida, close to the ocean. You know, wearing shorts and sandals some of those years. Now, my husband and I are celebrating Christmas smelling the awesome aroma of cow poo, don’t be jealous!

I was looking at ideas to make our house more holidayish and I came across a Driftwood Christmas tree. My first thought was how am I going to find driftwood in the desert? Then I remembered when we took my brother to Ruidoso, New Mexico I found some dried cactus and kept a few pieces. Come to find out, there were just enough pieces and in all the right sizes. My husband thought I was crazy for keeping it but now I can show him it was meant to be. Really, this could be for my Florida and New Mexico people, or anyone that can get a hold of some driftwood, dried cactus, or anything you want to use. This Driftwood Christmas Tree is great if you don’t have a lot of space in your house for a real Christmas tree because it takes up very little space.

How To Make A Driftwood Christmas Tree

First, you will need to decide on how tall you want it to be and you will want to find the perfect spot in your house. Then lay your driftwood (or whaterver you have) pieces out largest to smallest. Figure out the best way to hang each one, starting with the largest piece on the bottom. You’ll continue hanging them until you have the smallest piece on the top. I figured the best way to hang them, for me, was with three nails on each piece. The dried cactus had holes all over it, so it was very easy to hang. That may be the benefit to using it over driftwood. To secure it, I placed one nail in the middle and one on each side.


Once you have your Driftwood Christmas Tree hung, it’s time to get creative. Get lights, ornaments, whatever your little holiday decorating heart desires. Then get to decorating your “tree”. I decorated mine with lights because my lights were long, I did a zig zag.  Once you decide how you want to hang the lights, you can use clear thumb tacks to help them hang just the way you want them.


Once you have secured the wood and lights, on your Driftwood Christmas Tree, it’s time to hang the rest of your decorations. Pick your best decorations, because you want your DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree to look it’s best. Unlike a real (or fake) Christmas Tree you aren’t going to have branches to hang your decorations on, that’s okay just hang the right on the light strands. Just be careful you don’t get something too heavy! 


I tried a few different Christmas decor items until I was finally happy with how it looked.


Because outlets aren’t very appealing to the eye, I decided to decorate the bottom as well, to give it more of a Christmasy look!


Now, we have our very own Christmas Tree! If you live in a small home with little space or just want to add a new type of Christmas decor to your house, try this Driftwood Christmas Tree. It’s a different way to have a little Christmas fun in your house. This would also be great for kids rooms because we all know how kids like to ask for a tree for their room. This Driftwood Christmas tree would take up little room and let them have their own tree during the holidays!

Have you ever made a driftwood Christmas tree?


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