5 Ways To Keep Your Ears Warm This Winter

If the cold weather has not reached you yet, it is right around the corner. Living in Florida, I would not normally have to worry about this much, but New Mexico is a different story. There is snow! Snow is beautiful, but I don’t do well in cold weather. One thing that helps me stay a little warmer is keeping my ears covered. There are a few ways you can keep them warm this winter. 

  1. Earmuffs are not only for keeping your ears warm, but they also can block out some noises. You can go from simple to glam or patterns to fur. A big plus about earmuffs is that there are some brands that have speakers connected so you can enjoy your music wherever you go in the cold.


2. Headbands are one of the popular go-to styles these days, in my opinion. There are a broad range of colors and designs. The knitting can be twisted or braided. You can find some with embellishments or bows. There are so many options that will work for any occasion. 

3. Beanies are always going to be warmer than the first two ear warmers mentioned above. Because it is an enclosed knit hat that covers your whole head. Beanies have been around for a very long time and will likely never go away. Just like the headbands, there are also available in a large range of colors and styles for any occasion.


4. Trappers are for those super cold, snowy days. The knit trapper is more of a beanie with ear flaps, and the fur trappers are going to be the warmest. These would be great for playing in the snow or any snow sport you might want to try.  


 5. Ear warmers are for anyone who does not want anything on the top of their head.  They go behind your head, so you don’t get that crease on top of your hair. These are simple and easy. They also are good for jogging, and some brands make speakers in them so you can enjoy your music. 
Ear warmers


Since I know Toni is a huge fan of UGGs, I made sure to put a few styles in the first four categories just to see if I can tempt her to ask Santa for some this year! 

What is your favorite way to keep your ears warm in the cold?

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