An Open Letter To Laughing Chewbacca Lady

Laughing Chewbacca Lady

Last week a Facebook video went viral, and it truly brought a tear to my eye, from laughing so hard my stomach hurt. If you haven’t seen Laughing Chewbacca Lady then you need to take a moment to watch this video:

As I watched this mother experience sheer joy over something so very simple, I realized how much more happy would the world be if we all had a moment like this every day. It was a toy, not much to the eye, but it was something she was so excited over. As I watched laughing Chewbacca lady, I burst out laughing, and my belly hurt from the laughter. I wasn’t laughing at her, but I was laughing with her. I find joy in every single day, but I want to find something every day that brings me such joy, it causes me to laugh those deep belly laughs.

I have seen people making fun of or talking meanly about laughing Chewbacca lady, and it makes me wonder…are people, today, so miserable they can’t find the joy in something that is, full of joy? Why would more people not want to have moments like this in their lives? I know I want to laugh like this every single day. A laugh that says I love life, even if it’s not perfect, but that I love life so much that something so silly can cause me to be so joyful that it’s effect on others is instantaneous. I see people saying she’s annoying, and I have to disagree; I think she is just what we need in the world today!

An Open Letter to Laughing Chewbacca Lady

Dear Laughing Chewbacca Lady,

Thank you! Thank you for sharing your moment of joy with the world. You are an inspiration to remember that we can always find something to belly laugh about. That laughter is contagious, and we can find laughter in every day. As my kids and I watched you open your Chewbacca mask and laugh uncontrollably, we laughed right along with you. It reminded us that even the things that may seem small or insignificant to others, as long as they bring us joy, that’s what matters.

We watched you laugh, and our spirits were instantly lifted. It reminded us to be a bright spot for others each and every day. Something as simple as laughter over an awesome Chewbacca mask, from Kohl’s, can be just what makes the sun shine on a “rainy” day of life. Thank you for sharing your moment with us and making the world a little bit brighter and much more joyful. Please keep sharing your laughter and love of Star Wars (Chewbacca is my favorite character too) with the world!


A Fellow Mom and Star Wars Fan!

P.S. I would have made sure to claim that mask for myself too!

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    I think a huge part of having that joy is simply being able to not care what anyone thinks. It’s ridiculous that people think anything bad about her. But THOSE people are the reason more of us don’t have it. I find it more and more each year that passes because I simply don’t care what people think if my actions aren’t hurting anyone and bring me joy. But worrying about what other think will kill that joy sooo quickly

    • 2

      You are absolutely right! We have to be happy and not care what people thing, laugh without fear and hope that our being happy carries on to others.

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