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That’s my daughter, the only girl and the baby of the family. In less than a week, the school year will end, and that will be it. I will have no more elementary schoolers. Tonight we go to her 6th-grade orientation, and it is just one step closer to her being an official middle schooler. Then I thought of my boys (who are very picky about letting me take their photos) and got to thinking I am going to also have a 7th-grader and an 11th-grader. It seems like the past 16 years, of me being a parent, has passed in the blink of an eye.

It seems like just yesterday they were these kids;


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Or even younger than that. Now they are turning into tweens and teens, and my heart just wants to break into pieces because they are growing up. All while being so extremely proud of who they are and what they are accomplishing, it makes my heart swell with joy.

My boys are both big into soccer. The younger one plays fall and spring rec soccer and my oldest play fall and spring travel soccer and high school soccer in between the travel seasons. They both love to play video games, FIFA being one of the most played games in my house. Let’s not talk about how they love to laugh at me when I attempt to play them. I love watching them on the field, doing what they love.

My oldest is going to be a junior, which means it will be time to order a class ring. Do I only have two more years of him being in high school? He is so talented on the field; it always amazes me to see him play his heart out. If you ever have the chance to meet him, he may come across as stand off-ish, but he is very guarded. Once he gets to know you, though, he is loyal and so much fun. He is always making me laugh. He was also in chorus, and I loved being able to see him perform this year. He is trying to navigate this thing called life and I know there are big things on the horizon for him.

My younger son, who is a gentle giant, the softest spoken of my kids, is finishing his first year of middle school on a high note. All year long he has been on the A/B honor roll (we are waiting for the final report card, of course). For me, it makes me so proud because this is the kid who struggled in fifth grade with keeping some of the subjects a C grade. I can’t even begin to say how proud I am of how well he has adjusted to middle school. It’s like something just clicked, and he has been doing so good. He is very into video games and Minecraft and loves that I can’t understand in the slightest how to do any of the things he can in those games.

Our youngest, also the most outspoken in the bunch, is finishing up her final year of elementary school. Let me just take a moment and mop up the puddle caused from the tear flowing. That’s my baby y’all, the last one that will ever be in elementary school. She has had a heck of a year, in a good way. She has made all A’s all year long (except for 2 B’s…that were one point from an A, much to her dismay) and her last report card is all A’s. She was in the math bowl, chorus, percussion ensemble, a folk dance, all-county chorus, Alice in Wonderland, and cheered from June-November (I coach her cheer team, so that starts back soon). She scored high on her standardized testing and is on course to do all advanced classes when she gets into middle school. She is the perfectionist in the family.

As I sit and think about how fast time has gone by, did I mention it seems like it has gone by in the blink of an eye, I reflect on how blessed I feel that God chose me to be the mom of these three amazing children. Whether we are laughing and making memories or just having a simple conversation, I treasure every second I have with my kids. Soon, before I know it, they will be grown and living their lives. I hope and pray that I am doing the best I can to ready them for that, but I sure do wish time would slow down a bit.

My words of advice to all you parents out there, I know sometimes we can get frustrated with our kids, trust me I’ve been there. However, when I look back, usually what I was getting upset or frustrated over was something so minor that now I realized it took a moment away from me. Try to enjoy every single moment with your children, because as they grow those moments will become fewer and fewer as they replace time spent with you to time with their friends, time at college and then one day time with their family.

Record moments, write letters, laugh often and hug every day. Don’t forget to start and end every day with an “I love you”. Treasure every single second you have with them because it really does fly by in the blink of an eye!

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