Do Not Be Afraid!

do not be afraid

Fear, it’s a crippling emotion. You know the feeling when you are going through something or facing a situation that causes that anxious feeling to creep in. The one where your heart races or your tummy starts doing flip flops the minute you think of whatever the situation is.

It’s so easy to let our emotions and fears take over, but did you know that the phrase “Do not be afraid” is the motto God wants us to live by! It’s been said it is in the bible 365 times, while I don’t know for sure, I do know that if it is that’s once per day y’all! God already knew, before all came to be, that each day there may be a moment of fear over something or another and he put it right in his word “Do not be afraid” so we could remember to turn to Him. Regardless if it is in there 365 times or not, it’s in there at least once and isn’t that one time enough! God, the maker of heaven and earth, the one who formed you in the womb, the one who sent His son to die for our sins, says to not be afraid, to cast your anxieties on Him.

Nothing we are or will go through in life is a surprise to Him. Is it always fair or without excruciating painful experiences, no, but if we can just keep our focus on Him and remind ourselves to not be afraid and to let him be our peace in the midst of the situation(s), how much better will we be able to face whatever comes our way.

It says in His word, that He will never give us more than we can bear and I know that sometimes I look up to the sky, throw my hands in the air and scream at him “God, are you sure this isn’t more than I can bear, because this seems like complete crap and I am not going to be able to make it through this”. In that moment, he lets me voice (or scream) my frustration and then he very softly, in a comforting voice reminds me “Toni, you are still here, you’re bearing it and you’re pushing through, aren’t you? So, tell me again how this is more than you can bear

Um, okay so I guess when you put it like that God, you are right (not that God is ever wrong). I am pushing through and bearing whatever is thrown at me and when I get through those situations, I have a new level of faith. He says not to be afraid to us! He says that because He wants us to turn to him EVERY SINGLE DAY. Because turning to Him is truly the only way we are going to face whatever comes our way.

The only way I am going to have complete peace, no matter what. And I believe that is true for you too. I hope that you will remember that the phrase “Do Not Be Afraid” was said multiple times (maybe even 365 times), through the Bible, because He wants to remind us every day to not be afraid no matter what life throws at us.

trust in the lord

Nothing is a surprise to Him, we just have to put our trust in Him each and every single day! Praying for each of you and whatever situations you are or will face and that when things get scary or you get anxious that you will remember that God says “Do not be afraid”.

Love to you all!

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