Mean People Suck, Just Be Nice

Mean People Suck

Oh yes, they do. And lately it seems like that could apply to a few people especially the last few weeks. However this post is dedicated to the jerk of a man who was on my flight home from California last week. I was flying from Dallas to Northwest Arkansas and it was full flight. I much prefer to be on a not full flight, I like my leg room. Well you deal with it when you are on a full flight. Next to me was grandma, across the aisle the mom and the little boy and behind them, the dad and daughter.

Right from the beginning the little boy who was about 3 started whining and crying. Of course it’s going to make for an less than ideal flight but you know what that’s okay. I am a mom, I totally sympathized with the mom. They had been flying all day, the little boy is tired and I know as an adult I get crabby with the pressure from the altitude. So I just open my book and read and listen to the little boy cry and whine. I don’t let it bother me because really what good will that do…none. I can only imagine being in the mom’s position.

I have to give her amazing credit, she was doing everything possible to comfort and calm the little boy but with all the traveling and pressure in his ears what she did would only last a second. My heart was just breaking for her watching it. I could tell she was flustered and worried (presumably about what the other passengers were thinking). So after our roughly hour long flight we descended into the airport and as we were landing on old man from the front row (who as a little side note had been drinking) turned around and started in on the mom.

Raising his voice his words to her were ” I have no idea what you have done to that child, but you have pissed me off. You are obviously doing something to that little boy because that is not normal and he should not be acting like that. I am tired and I am annoyed and whatever you have been doing to that little boy this whole flight to make him act that way is just wrong” At this point the mom started trying to catch her breath she was so stressed anyways and this just set her off crying and I felt horrible for her. I was enraged at the man.

The father then spoke up and said to the man “That’s enough, we have it handled” And the man’s reply was “No you don’t because I have had to listen to him whine and cry the whole flight, you obviously don’t have it handled” To which the father replied “You just turn around and mind your own business” By this point I was so angry I was in tears (yes I cry when I get really angry, what can I say I am emotional). It wasn’t a full fledged cry but just more of a tear or two. We finally got up to the gate and were able to unload and I just touched the woman’s arm and said “You did wonderful don’t let him get to you” and she apologized to which I responded ” Do not apologize to anyone, you did the best you could, some people either don’t have kids or are just jerks”

And yes I made sure the man heard me and he got the “be lucky it wasn’t me because I would have seriously gone off on you” look. I didn’t stay around but I am sure if the dad caught up to him words flew. But I seriously was just appalled that someone would have the audacity to act like that. Of course with all the hub bub gone on lately and how people are acting a fool with a bunch of crap around the blogosphere I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

So a question for you…what would you have done if you witnessed this? Better yet, what would you have done if you were the family he was yelling at? I just think people have lost what used to be known as common courtesy and/or just shutting their mouths and deal with a circumstance even if not ideal. In my opinion there was no reason for that old man to go off on that mom, we all had to listen to the child but obviously he is the a-hole who thinks his kids (yes he has them after his yelling spree he mentioned to his seat person his grandkids would never act like that) crap doesn’t stink.

Yep people still amaze and sometimes it’s not in a good way.

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    Toni – good for you! My son is autistic. We were in a store once and he started to melt down. He repeated the same phrase nearly 25 times. It upset him that I put a product into the cart that was of the same type, but not the same brand his teacher has and gave an example of in their classroom. I tried to calm him and explain that this was an acceptable item and that the teacher was only asking for that type of item – didn’t have to be the brand she had. He was stimming (flapping his hands and repeating phrases) and getting loud. I had a cart full of things I HAD to get. I had angry patrons stare at me and one contacted store security as she was sure I had hit my child or something to make him go off like he did. It was awful. I was embarrassed and flustered. One lady said very loudly, “Get your kid outta here. I pay good money at this store and don’t appreciate this.” My son was upset. It was such an ordeal. Ppl who aren’t in these situations don’t understand. A little courtesy and understanding goes a long way.

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      Thank KPG. I was so appalled at this behavior..It just amazes me that some people are mean like that….they must have miserable lives.

  2. 3

    If I were jsut another passenger standing by watching, I don’t think I would have said anything. And that’s because nine months ago, my dad and brother were shot trying to stop a fight.

    But… if I was the mother he was talking to, I’d give him a tounge lashing like he’s never had. He was not just a jerk, he was being an ASS! That child could have been afraid, sick or a number of other things. Sometimes, we need to be a little more understanding.

    You’re in Northwest Arkansas, wow! I’m in Southeast, AR – Pine Bluff to be exact.

    • 4

      OH my gosh I am so sorry about your dad and brother. Yeah if it had been me I would not even had been as nice as I was…it would have been a huge deal then for me.

  3. 5

    Girl, let’s just say….It would be ON!

  4. 7

    I have so many words to say, but I shall remain nice. I love this post! Seriously – you made me giggle, you made me laugh! Love this and love everything you are stating for it!
    .-= Tanya @ Mommy Goggles´s last blog ..Butterfly Fly Away =-.

    • 8

      Thanks so much Tanya and this post could have went so many different ways after the last few weeks and days even but I chose to just blog about the a-hole of a man I shall remain cool calm and collected with the other meanies LOL.

  5. 9

    I can not believe how unbelievable and rude people can be these days. It’s disgusting. Good for you for giving her a much needed kind word!
    .-= Jenna @ For The Love of Baby´s last blog ..Real Friends are all you need. =-.

    • 10

      Yes courtesy seems to be a thing of the past in the world today, it’s so sad. I just was so upset on her behalf Jenna I just had to let her know I (as well as others on the flight i am sure) thought she did a wonderful job and some things just can’t be helped

  6. 11

    I don’t even want to write here what I would’ve said to that nasty man. I’m glad you spoke up for the mom…I am sure that made a world of difference to her. Poor lady!
    .-= BlondeBlogger´s last blog .."I Feel Free" – Lady Gaga at DAR Constitution Hall in DC =-.

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    I think I would have done what you did. I am not sure if I would have said anything to the man or not. It would depend on my mood etc. There are times I can become very protective and for that reason get defensive and want to say something…but usually I would stay out of it, especially if the dad was there. I think what you did by saying something to the woman was great. I am sure that helped her.

    To add to that my husband tells me of a time when his was still with his now ex wife and they had their triplets at a restaurant. One of the kids was very fussy and she took them outside after they weren’t able to calm them down, however that left Dave there still trying to feed the other 2. There was an older man the next table over who started loudly complaining about keeping your children under control at a restaurant. Dave said another woman at another table jumped up and told him to be quiet…that they had triplets for pete sake and were handling it fine.
    LOL So it just depends on the situation. Dave then thanked the woman.
    .-= Sandy´s last blog ..Review – Shabby Apple Dress =-.

    • 14

      Thank you Sandy. I just don’t get how people can be like that it’s like they don’t even think about the fact that the parent isn’t already having a hard enough time kwim,

  8. 15

    My response to jerks like that are usually. “Kids! Do you remember being one!” Idiot! I cry too when I’m angry, happy, sad, emotional! So I totally understand!

    Ahem: You’re name has been called. You’ve been given The Best Blog award. I know-totally unexpected right…You know you’re fabulous. Come and collect:
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Are You Sure? Me? A recipient of the Best Blog Award! =-.

    • 16

      I know he made me so angry. Obviously some people block out being a child or their children’s childhoods. Glad to know I am not the only crier LOL. And thanks for the award 🙂 you are too kind 🙂

  9. 17

    I am loving your blog!
    I just started a new blog and I’d love for you to stop by…
    Eliza’s blog

  10. 18

    OMGosh! Cause he couldn’t wait 5 more minutes to get off the plane and forget about it? Sounds like a coward to me. He waited until he knew he was going to be leaving the situation to say anything, I mean really…if it was bothering you that bad, why wouldn’t you say something from the get go….now the fact that he said anything about a small child being uncomfy on a plane is just insane as well! It happens, get over it and go on with your life. If you don’t want to risk sitting close to a child who may make a peep…drive, or charter your own plane. Other than that, suck it up like everyone else and move on!

    It makes me happy to know that you told the mom she was doing a good job. So many moms question themselves on that, and to have someone come up after such an ordeal and reassure them really means so much.

    Good Job Toni, and thanks for the post!
    .-= jen´s last blog ..Speggwear =-.

  11. 19

    You did the right thing. Travel is frequently hard work for anyone but especially for children. You were right to live and let live. Most of all you helped the mother by letting her know you understood her plight. By the way I cry when I am angry too.

  12. 20

    I don’t know what I would have said to the man…but oh, we need so much to encourage and uplift young mothers. I don’t know why people can’t have empathy with others even if they don’t understand what all may be involved.

  13. 21

    I commented on your post “Mean People Suck”

  14. 22

    As he was being rude to the other lady I would have said to him if he didn’t have anything nice to say, shut up and get off the plan. If he had been nasty to me because my child had been whining, I would have told him the same thing!

    Children are children. I didn’t fly much with my children. We just took VERY long drives. Less stress all the way around, plus you get to see more of the country.
    .-= The Redhead Riter´s last blog ..A Plethora of Passwords =-.

  15. 23

    This story is just plain sad. And I agree, everyone just needs to follow the GOLDEN RULE and be nice to everyone else!!!