Introducing McKenna, American Girl 2012 Girl of The Year!

I am so excited to announce the upcoming release of McKenna, American Girl’s 2012 Girl of the Year. Last week I received two packages in the mail that made me giddy. I am a huge fan of American Girl as is my daughter. I love that you can personalize dolls to look similar to your little girl, you can make dolls come to life by reading the books accompanying them (certain dolls) and you can teach great lessons through the dolls and their stories.

Starting January 1 you will be able to add the new addition and girl of the year to your American Girl collection. Or go ahead and start the collection. The new girl of the year who is named, McKenna Brooks and is precious just as I have noticed all American Girl dolls are. My daughter saw the books, McKenna & Take The Challenge when they arrived in a press kit. She immediately grabbed the photo page and started oohing and aahing over McKenna. What she didn’t know is there was going to be wrapped under the tree waiting for her on Christmas morning.

We took out the Take The Challenge book and immediately started enjoying the tasks it has to challenge you to push yourself. My daughter loved the “Island Life” game which consists of two teams standing in the middle of a blanket (the island). You then have to fold the blanket in toward you without falling off the island to see who can make it to the smallest island. It encouraged working together as a team and really using your wits to figure out the best way to fold. There are so many challenges in this fun activity book that my daughter is constantly seeing what she wants to do next. There are individual challenges, family games, timed tests, brainteasers, artistic fun and so much more. Truly an activity book for the whole family.

As we took out the book, McKenna, and started I immediately loved that my daughter would be able to identify with this character as well as learn lessons from the story. Doing well at everything from school work to gymnastics, McKenna enjoyed life. Suddenly she started having a hard time in 4th grade and has to get a tutor. Her tutor, Josie, who is in a wheelchair teaches McKenna to focus on her strengths and work toward her goals. As she starts to gain momentum in her school work she starts to believe in herself again and then an injury sidelines her and makes her confidence crumble because she is worried that she won’t make the competitive team. Can McKenna find a way to remember her strengths and focus on those?

We haven’t finished the book yet but we are loving the story and the lessons in it. Which brings us to Christmas morning. As I mentioned, I love that we have the Marie-Grace doll and books to go along with her because it really brings the story and doll to life in my daughters eye. The lessons taught are absorbed more because she feels like she “knows” the doll behind the book. Christmas morning her eyes lit up as she opened up her new McKenna doll and said “This is the girl we are reading about“.

With waist length caramel hair, light skin, and striking blue eyes Mckenna is definitely an adorable American Girl of the Year gracing our shelves. With accessories, that can be purchased separately, such as beams, bars, gymnastics uniform, gym bag (which we have an it has all the gym needs), cast, crutches, a loft bunk and so much more, this girl of the year is sure to make your little one flip! I know my daughter was thrilled that McKenna is a gymnast as she is starting gymnastics in January. I can use the story throughout whatever she does to remind her to remember her strengths and everything else will work out!

So you want to finally see the photos of McKenna in the flesh…well you know what I mean. Introducing McKenna Brooks, the 2012 American Girl of the year!

Starting January 1 order McKenna for your little girl from American Girl or in stores for $105 which included the doll and first book (there will be a movie and second book as well).

Will you be picking up the 2012 American Girl of the Year?

Disclosure: I did receive doll and books for sole purpose of review for this announcement.  I stand behind the products featured on my blog or they wouldn’t be here.  No form of monetary compensation was received.  Opinions are always 100% honest and my own unless otherwise noted.  For more please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. 1

    How cute is she!

  2. 2

    She’s super cute, those dolls are really sweet!

  3. 3


    I have been a huge American Girl fan ever since I was little. I was just wondering how you go about receiving the press kits and things for upcoming dolls and information about new items or when they discontinue items. Thanks so much for your time and I really enjoyed your blog about McKenna! I am so glad that your daughter loved her and I hope that her gymnastics season goes well!

    • 4

      Hi Kristen. I work with them through my blog 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my post and I am glad you enjoyed it.

  4. 5

    Hi! Few questions…does she have the Julie face mold or Marie Grace face mold? My daughter just got MAG #39 with caramel hair and blue eyes for Christmas. Does McKenna look too similar to #39??? Thanks!

    • 6

      Hi Sue, I am not sure which mold they use but she is darling! If you have any questions about similarities & face molds please feel free to call 1-800-845-0005 to reach American Girl customer service. I am not sure of the doll numbers but my daughter has a make your own the one with light skin, caramel hair and blue eyes and while similar they aren’t identical. My daughter loves them both along with her Marie-Grace.

      I hope your daughter loves hers as much as my daughter does. Have a blessed day.

  5. 7

    She is so pretty!It sounds like she comes with alot of stuff and the bed set is amazing fingers crossed if I get it.I know im buying her starter collection for a fact so when I do im bringing kanani (lol akward) so she can see the new addition coming to the family.Sad to see her in the case at the agp but every doll goes through it

    • 8

      She definitely has a lot of additions you can buy. She comes with the book in box. As far as the gym bag, it’s her accessories and it is available for $26.00. That part does not come with her.

  6. 9

    she is really cute.

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