Nestle Family Arrival Day and I Met Kim Kardashian!

After a long day of flying on Tuesday, we arrived in sunny Burbank, California. My trip all started in the little airport in Northwest Arkansas heading to Dallas. As expected I loaded my plane and the flight went smooth and we touched down in Dallas. I made my way to my terminal only to find that they have switched it. Now me and a big airport can very quickly equal anxiety attack but alas not this time. I made it to my correct terminal in a great amount of time and got some lunch and sat down to relax.

As I was sitting a stunning girl walked up and sat a few seats away from me and I was thinking to myself ” Gosh she looks identical to Kim Kardashian” So being the slick little person that I am I took a sideways picture (very sneaky like) and was actually going to tweet that there was a Kim Kardashian look alike sitting close to me. After all there was no security around so it couldn’t possibly be her, could it?Kim

While I sat and waited for my flight (continuing to ponder in my head if this was Kim or not) Elisabeth from Busy Mom and Bridgette from The Not So Blog arrived. Woo Hoo party on our plane!  We all chatted for a bit when I leaned over and asked both Elizabeth and Bridgette if they thought that was her. Bridgette then informed me that she had been on their flight, in first class mind you, from New Orleans. And we all know Kim and Reggie Bush dated (and seem to be reconciled). *LIGHT BULB, ding ding ding*. It’s totally her. So now the question was not if it was her or not but if I should be that crazy person that goes up to her in the airport all stalker fan like. No need to wait for an answer on that one…HECK YEAH I AM GOING TO GO UP TO HER! Excuse me while I gain what little composure I can sometimes muster…

I walk up to her *very composed I might add* and asked “Are you Kim?” Know what her answer was…YES! OMG I think I could feel my body starting to freak out but keeping cool I just ask if I could have her autograph and she did sign a page in my notebook for me as she started to go back to her phone I was like “Err one more thing, could I possibly get a picture” As if I wasn’t already stalkerish enough right? But she obliged, willingly or not she did it. She was probably cussing me out in her head but who cares she took a picture with me.

Kim and MeDid I mention we are BFF’s now?  So long Paris Hilton (okay so they haven’t been BFF’s for awhile now but you get my point).

Anyhoo, we loaded the plane a bit after to head to Burbank, California. And I was lucky to get to sit with Elizabeth from Busy Mom. We sat next to each other and still used twitter to converse LOL. Picked up by Cool Ride we headed to the beautiful Langham Pasadena to rest up a bit and stow our stuff before the meet and greet. When we arrived to see the gorgeous hotel I was in awe, it was stunning from the outside so I could not wait to see the rooms. After checking in up we all headed to our room I opened the door and walked into pure hotel room ecstasy. I can’t begin to describe the view from my balcony or how celebrity like this room made me feel. The bed was squishy and perfect and the bath was deep and perfect for those hot bath soaks. Descriptions don’t do just so I will share some photos instead.

Langham HotelLangham hotelLangham HotelLangham HotelLangham HotelThere are many more to see all the photos of the event check out it out here on my Flickr page.

After resting for a bit we got to head down to the bar for first introductions and getting to know one another. Socializing, sharing, bonding and intro’s started the 2 day following event off to a perfect start. I hung with my wonderful friend Tricia, from 1 StopMom and got to meet some of the Nestle execs and reps as well as the PR people I have been talking with the last few months during the Meet and Greet.  We shared laughs, thoughts on what we wanted to see happen over the next few days and just took a much needed moment to get to know one another. Here are a few pictures from it:

Me and Nestle BunnyTelling Dad and BunnyTricia and meMeet and Greet

And Telling Dad gave us the dance off, I only caught a few seconds because it seemed to have started while some of us were in the kitchen meeting Michael from this season of Top Chef. I loved being able to go into the kitchen and see the hustle and bustle.  Isn’t he a doll (this is Michael from Top Chef)

Top Chef Michael

As I wrap up this post I shall leave you video of the dance off and once I get them uploaded to flickr or somewhere I will share the album of the trip photos that don’t make it into posts with you.  So go ahead and give it up for Telling Dad and The Nestle Bunny:

For more pictures visit my Flickr Page of The Nestle Family Event.

*Trip courtesy of Nestle, views are that of my own.  Also please stay tuned for later posts which will have some video of answers to questions posed on twitter during the event.

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  1. 1

    Awesome! So glad you had a great time and got to meet a real life celeb!
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Momdot Forum Rocks the Positivity =-.

    • 2

      Thanks I had a great time and will be postings (or vlogging) more about it in the coming days.

  2. 3

    I’m so glad you had a good time! Was Kim nice? She doesn’t seem like the kinda person who would be….I know that sounds mean but I’ve watched her show. Anyways I love Top Chef that must have fun to meet Michael.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Pumpkin Pumcakes Pan =-.

    • 4

      LOL she actually was very kind I wasn’t sure if she would be either but she was. It was great to meet him. He invited us to stop in the kitchen anytime during our stay but I was so tired when we got back to the hotel that I never did go back, wonder if anyone else did.

  3. 5

    btw – Im having a giveaway, stop by if you have time
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Pumpkin Pumcakes Pan =-.

  4. 6

    DOOOD!! That is so stinking cool, good for you for asking for a photo and not being all stalker. I would have too, how awesome. So glad you had a good time and learned a lot! I loved watching all your professional tweets, way to go sister!
    .-= Karie´s last blog ..My Falling Star =-.

  5. 7

    How freakin cool was that! I thought i was in awh when I met Tarina Tarantino this past weekend. I actually saw Kim on the red carpet in Los Angeles but she didnt stop to talk to any press. She is drop dead gorgeous!
    .-= tami´s last blog ..Swoozie’s run =-.

  6. 8

    How sweet was that to meet Kim!?!? That would have just been my icing on the cake, even though I probably wouldn’t have gone up & talked to her…LOL!
    .-= Melissa Herrera´s last blog ..8 months update =-.

  7. 9

    I don’t know much about Kim K. other than she is famous and was in a sex tape. LOL!

    There was so much drama online about Nestle. I didn’t follow it.

    It’s cool that you had fun!!!!
    .-= Sara Bonds @ Ordinary and Awesome´s last blog ..Megapixels Gone Wrong =-.

  8. 10

    This is so awesome! I am so happy you are getting the opportunity to do this!:)

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