Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Out Tomorrow….Why I Went From Being Against HP To A Big Fan

Back before Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [Blu-ray] was released in theaters I was one of those people who was very anti Harry Potter.  As a christian I am very leary of anything that I see or think is leaning toward witchcraft, satanism and anything of the like. Why would I want to have that in my life.Then I met an amazing group of ladies on a mom’s forum and they were very into all things Harry Potter.  So I figured I would ask them about it, then I am still not picking up the books or movies in case it was like my mind was telling me but I could learn more about it.  Yes, yes I will admit to being very close minded where HP is concerned.

After talking to these ladies (who happen to still be some of my closest friends) I decided to pick up book 1 and see what all the hooplah was about.  Is it as bad as my mind was making it out to be?  So I jumped into Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Book 1) and was FLOORED at the amazing writing and story telling.  Sure they went to a school of wizardry but it was nothing like the black abyss of witchcraft I was making it out to be.  I quickly read through all 7 of the books and then went on to the movies and watched 1-4 on dvd and 5-end (well tomorrow anyway) in theaters.

As I sat back I thought why in the world was I so against Harry Potter to begin with and realized it was because of others opinions.  Have I not read and watched Chronicles of Narnia which includes magicians, witches and spell casting.  Do I not sit with my kids to watch Snow White, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty all of which have witches and spells.  I have never seen Lord of the Rings but from what I understand there is a wizard in that and quite a lot of christians love that move.  Why did Harry Potter get the bad wrap?  I still try to figure that out today.

The basis of the whole entire HP series is good verses evil with themes of sacrifice and redemption, doubt and faith. In fact JK Rowling said in an interview once “religious parallels I thought were always obvious”  (taken from youth worker site).  I absolutely have to agree with that after reading and watching the series.

As a christian I absolutely believe witchcraft is real and that it is evil, but I also think I need to show my kids make believe isn’t something to be scared of. And unless it is a book teaching them how to get into witchcraft (you get my drift), they will know that fiction is that…fiction…false…a greatly written story. This series isn’t about promoting witchcraft and wizardry (while yes they are wizards) but rather watching good and evil battle (hint: Good wins!). I do think you have to have a child who knows the different between fiction and reality as well as wait until they are age appropriate as with any other movie/book out there we choose to let them read/watch.

I saw this comment on a youth worker site as well and thought it fitting to share it on here.  A person said in a comment “I think as with everything we allow our children to read and watch, we as Chrisitan parents and educators need to talk with our children and give them a strong spiritual foundation. That way they can read Harry Potter for what it is- a great story and not be swayed or confused by what others say or read into it. I love the Harry Potter novels and all the children that I come into contact with know they can discuss them with me. However, they also know that I love Christ’s story just as much and we’ll be discussing Him too! =)

I can’t put it anymore perfectly.  If parents don’t want to let their children watch/read the series then that’s their choice and I don’t begrudge them that.  I just hope they are making an informed decision and not pulling a “Toni” which means Judging before they know the whole story because they didn’t take time to learn for themselves but judged based on hearsay.    Just like with voting for president, don’t vote a certain way just because everyone in your church is doing it, make the decision for yourself.  Not that Harry Potter is near as important as voting but you get my drift (I have a feeling that sentence may make me infamous).

Now that I have shared that can I just say the next 24 (give or take a few) hours can’t go quick enough.  I am dying to see the new one tomorrow night!  SQUEEEEEEEE!   Who else will be going?

*Don’t forget to check out Red Carpet Mama in a few days to get my thoughts on the final Harry Potter movie.

This post inspired by comment conversation on a post I read over MommaFindings.  Have I mentioned I love that girl!

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  1. 1

    I believe I am one of the famous “forum mommies” who spoke to Toni about HP. I am very glad I was able to enlighten her and she decided to read the books. The Harry Potter series are truly wonderful. Full of wisdom, kindness, love, friendship and the importance of not letting yourself do evil things for the sake of power ect… It is classic Good VS Evil and JKR is an excellent writer who has created books that will be spoken of and read for many years to come.
    I agree, never judge a book (or person, for that matter) by what you hear. Decide for yourself. Do your research and make an informed decision. I have been guilty of making hasty judgements and regretted it.
    Toni, I hope you LOVE it. I know you will. I cannot ait to hear what you think of it. I am not going until next weekend…

    YAY GO!!! LOL

  2. 3

    I am glad that you took the time to find out for yourself and not take to what other’s and the media have said about HP. I to am a Christian and one of Prop Jennie’s D.O.P. Harry Potter is a cool kid trying to find his own.

    Sometimes we tend to listen to other’s – they have good intentions, but they intentions may not be for us.

    Keep Blogging, this is my 1st visit – cool beans!!!

    • 4

      Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for coming by! I heart me some Jennie :). I agree HP is definitely a cool kid and totally agree my intentions are not for everyone and vice versa

  3. 5

    Great post! JK Rowling is an EXCELLENT writer. Such a vivid imagination, her story was so rich in details. The movies were beautifully done. I’m so going to cry when I see the last movie.

  4. 7

    Thanks for sharing this. I had a similar response to the Twilight book and film series. My daughter (now 18) loved them. She wanted to go to a twilight conference 3 years ago, and my first reaction was “oh, no! she wants to hang out with goth people!” I went to a trusted group of women friends (all of whom know the indwelling Christ), and each one said the same thing – if your daughter wants to share something with you, do it. You’ve raised her, loved her, given her skills. Now let her use them and be there to discuss it. I did. We went to the conference and it’s a time I’ll always be thankful for. We even served on a panel together, talking about twilight for the generations. Now I just wish I was going to the midnight release of Harry Potter with her! But that one is strictly for her and her friends. 🙂

    • 8

      LOL yes we do have to let them have time with their friends boo 🙂 I love Twilight series myself.

  5. 9

    I applaud you for checking in with yourself so to speak, and to be willing to adapt and challenge your thinking.

    It is something to acknowledge….

    Personally and not for religious reasons, I’ve just never been attracted to the Harry Potter series. In our home we call him “Parry Hotter” as a joke!

  6. 10

    Great post! I agree that these are most fanstasy and fiction than witchcraft. I just jumped on the HP bandwagon within the last year. I had never met anyone who read the books that didn’t like them and I figured that if I did like them, I would have plenty of reading material to get me through the summer. Let’s just say I plowed through them and finished them long before summer was over. They are outstanding books with a really great story. I don’t see anything sinister about them and I’m really glad I read them.

    I am dying to see the last movie as well but have to wait until next weekend when my hubby is home (I can’t go without him…he’d never forgive me).

    And yes…I know I’ll cry. Especially when one particular character dies and when Harry gets a full understanding of some motives that have been going on behind the scenes (you know what I’m talking about if you’ve read the books, but I’m trying not to ruin it for everyone who hasn’t).

  7. 11

    Oh, thank you for writing this! I felt the same way when it came out…my son was little and I wanted to be careful. We’re still careful of course, but I feel very diferently about things like this. We’re big fans now!

  8. 12

    Thank you for checking into HP for yourself and then writing this post. When the books first came out I thought they were for kids and teens. But several adults I knew were reading them and saying how wonderful they were. So I got the first book and was immediately captivated by the writing and the story. I was “floored” when I heard that some Christian leaders were against the books and saying they were anti-Christian. I started looking into some of the things they were saying and found no truth in them (in my opinion). I just didn’t see the story that way at all. And I found many Christians I know that weren’t allowing their kids to read them…like you, they hadn’t read them. They were just going on hearsay and not forming their own opinion. It’s a wonderful fantasy story of good and evil and I find JK Rowling to be one of the most talented and imaginative writers I’ve read. I think there’s a lesson here about investigating things for yourself and forming your own opinions. Thanks again for the post!

  9. 13

    Your experience was very close to mine. When the books were first starting to get popular, our pastor spoke against them. So my husband and I took that as gospel and wouldn’t let any of our children read them. My grandmother had even bought the first two books for my oldest daughter and I put them up in a closet and wouldn’t let her have them. It was only after my daughter checked one out from the school library that I decided to read the first one and see what it was all about. I figured if she was going to sneak and read it anyway, then at least I would know what it was all about and could talk to her about it. I have to say, from the first chapter I was hooked. I read the whole thing in one sitting, read the next one the next day and then went out and got the rest that were out to read. From then on, I learned that I needed to judge things for myself. Yes it is a story about witches and wizards, but as you mentioned, the Chronicles of Narnia, and many other wonderful stories I share with my children have them as well. At it’s heart, Harry Potter is a story of good and evil. I have never before come across a children’s book series that is so well written and has kept myself and my family alike so captivated. I will have to read your review of the 7th movie. I thought it was amazing and it had me in tears at parts.

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