Finding Me Time In My Kid Geared World

I am a mom of 3 wonderful children who I love so much. Most of my time is geared toward their needs, wants and extras. With 3 kids I am pretty sure you can get to the conclusion of that leaves very little time to focus on myself. I am lucky if I get to have a bathroom break alone so finding me time isn’t something I can do on a whim. It’s something I have to schedule.  Whether it’s simply asking my husband to take the kids so I can enjoy a silent moment in the tub with no interruptions, have a lunch at my favorite local restaurant, or head to a movie to sit and relax.

I, strongly feel, it’s important for every parent to have some me moments.  I also know that we can’t just up and go on a whim.  If your kids are anything like mine they like to be on the go, involved in school happenings, playing sports, taking ballet, etc. Between the sports practices, ballet practice, the games, grocery shopping, hubby time, meals,  blogging and everything in between scheduling is a must!  To get the me time we all deserve we must meticulously write all the shows, games, parent/teacher meetings, dinners, and whatever else comes in our way down.  That includes our me time.  Yes, I think if you are busy as me you will have to make a point to make that moment for yourself.

That’s where the myPlan comes into play.  With enough slots to fit everything in and small enough to carry with you, you can have your schedule and your me time at a glance.  You will stay organized with your appointments, practices and just as important your me time.  Imperative to keeping our sanity as a parent and as an individual a moment made just for you is a must. In 3 vibrant colors it’s not only the answer to making sure you take that moment for yourself but it looks snazzy as well.  We all know I like anything that is eye catching.  Let me show you just how eye catching these are:


With month at a glance views as well as weekly views for a bit more detail you will stay organized and be able to schedule time for YOU!  After all to be all that you can be you need to have a little time to breathe and regroup.  Or at least I know I do, without a moment for myself I know I am doing not only myself but my family a disservice.  It’s okay to say you need to breathe, regroup and refocus and now you can plan it.  Check out MomAgenda’s myPlan and get started on your moments.

*I am a part of the momAgenda COMM team and will be compensated for my time in writing this post.  Compensation does not influence my opinion.  Views are mine and mine only and 100% honest.

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    You know…being a single mom comes with many challenges.

    One it does not come with however is finding me time. I have that time definitely defined on the weekends when my son goes with dad. And not that I recommend it…but honestly it is one of the benefits, for lack of a better word. I often wonder how married people do it without getting that dedicated break.

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