What Verizon Lacks That Makes iPhone Worth Having

As I mentioned yesterday, Verizon is FINALLY getting access to the iPhone so now they can have happy customers like us AT&T folks.  While they will have the bragging rights of less dropped calls there are two things lacking that really are what make the iPhone worth having. The speed, as proven Read More »»

iPhone 4 News: Verizon Customers Can Finally Be Cool Like Me!

The much anticipated has happened, Verizon now has the iPhone 4 for pre-order.  Available 2/10/11. All those Verizon customers can now experience the joy of having a 4th child the iPhone 4 like I (and the millions of other AT&T customers) have.  This gadget is a love to me, it goes where I go Read More »»

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Review #GoFlexMemories

As a blogger you would think I would know the important of backing things up.  I mean ALL bloggers know that if you don't back up your blog you are going to lose a lot of work (especially if you blog daily) and that would just plain suck!  Same goes for everything stored on your computer.  I mean Read More »»

iPhone Apps I Can’t Live Without

Okay so maybe saying I can't live without them is a bit dramatic however I don't want to live without them.  Granted I really can't possibly use them all at once so one can wonder why I need them all.  The answer to that is because I want them all so there.  I am not one to pay for a lot of apps, Read More »»

Well, well, it came today

Yes, as my sister in law said to me in a text message, via her Apple iPhone™ I was tracking this thing like a pround parent. I ordered it on Monday and they told me I would have it within 10 days well like a day after that they were having to tell people 21 days! So personally I was dying inside Read More »»

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