AT&T FamilyMap Locator Review

at&t family map

**I received a gift card to cover the cost of my FamilyMap for sole purpose of review. All opinions are honest and my own**

Making sure my family is safe is one thing I feel is my responsibility. Granted I won’t be able to save them from everything bad or keep them from getting hurt all the time, but as a mom I will do my best to help them through life without extra burdens. One of the ways I can keep track of them and make sure they are safe is by knowing where they are. Thanks to AT&T FamilyMap that became easier.

AT&T FamilyMap is a great way to keep track of the members in your family. Say I am traveling alone with my kids and the car breaks down.  Being that I am not so good with explaining directions, the hubby can get an idea of where I am at and then I can explain to him a bit more to pinpoint exactly.  What if my kids are out with friends and not home when they should be?  The worried mom, I will become at that time, can see if they are close to home or if they are even in the place they told me they were going.  I love this as a parent who wants to make sure she does everything she can to keep her kids safe.

The AT&T FamilyMap was super easy to set up.  My husband and I have iPhones so we were sent a text to set it up, here were the instructions for our set up:

AT&T FamilyMap

For the kids I simply entered the phone number of their phones and I was able to track them.  You can see right where they are (or thereabouts):

AT&T Family map
At&t family map 2

While it didn’t give the exact location of my sister (who was in school) it did for myself, my husband and my son (whose phone was at home).    I have an idea where this is going to come in super handy in the next few months, theme parks!

We will be headed to the Orlando area for family happenings at the end of August and sometimes the older kids like to go do their own thing.   When that happens sometimes we miss each other at meet up points due to different reasons, I think this will be great to make sure I can find the kids if they haven’t made it to a meeting spot by a time we agreed on.  I can just follow where the map says they are and find them.  There have been a few flaws of it losing connection for a bit, and I am not sure why, but overall I am loving the AT&T FamilyMap to always know where my family is.

Have you tried AT&T FamilyMap yet?

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    That’s pretty cool. I can definitely see getting this app as my son gets older and more independent.

  2. 2

    That’s really cool! Especially if you have Teens!

  3. 3

    What a brilliant idea this is! I need this for my family!

  4. 4

    That sounds like a great idea. Especially for those pesky tweens and teens that don’t think curfew applies to them.

  5. 5

    We have AT&T and this seems really beneficial. We will have to set it up.

  6. 6

    “AT&T values your privacy and understands that the visibility of your location is information you should control. As a result, we have created easy to use web-based tools that give you the ability to manage the privacy preference of phones on your account!!! ”
    This is the letter you will receive after activating Family Map!!!!!