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Blackberry z10 phone

So I’ve had the Blackberry Z10 for about a month now and I wanted to touch on the camera because I am seriously impressed with one of the features. Before I get into that, check out a few of the photos I’ve taken using the Blackberry Z10 camera..

Blackberry z10 camera

The camera does such a great job and it has in photo editing.  With different filters to choose from this is a dream for those of us who love instagram, it’s a happy medium since there is not an instagram app at the time of this post.  The feature that really impressed me was the time shift mode.

Once in your camera view you can get into time shift mode using just a few taps.  Once in time shift mode you can start taking your photos and the camera actually captures a few milliseconds before and after the actual shutter click.  What does that mean to you?  It means there is more of a chance you will get that perfect photo (no blinking, half smiles, etc.).

Once you have taken the photo, you slide the little time bar to the desired position.  Pick the face (or faces) you want to edit, move the dial, and get the eyes that may have been shut during the actual click of the shutter open again, or if someone was smiling a second too late, you can fix that too.  The time shift mode is definitely something my current phone lacks and would be so helpful in those situations where kids move the second the shutter clicks.

The picture editor allows for me to get a little creative.  Cropping, filtering, flipping, enhancing, with so many options for editing you will be hard pressed not to have the perfect photo..well where a phone is concerned.  You also have the style tab that allows for frames and different effects.  We have definitely been having fun with all the options.

Once you have the photo edited just the way you want, you can save and voila a photo you are proud to say came from a phone…who knows, they may not know the difference!

How does your current phone do on photos?  Are you satisfied with them?

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