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Blackberry z10 phoneI am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and 3 months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product. For more information head to as well as my personal disclosure.

Over the last month and a half I’ve introduced you to the Blackberry Z10, talked about the camera, and shared about the story maker. Taking a break from the cameras and video I want to share with you my absolute favorite accessory when it comes to the Blackberry Z10. It’s in one of these photos:

Blackberry z10

Nope, it’s not the info booklets, although those do come in handy. It’s this little gem right here…
Blackberry z10 accessories

The Blackberry Mini Stereo Speaker is the accessory I love. It’s a bluetooth speaker for my phone that’s small and portable but allows me to listen to my music when I don’t feel like headphones. I can hear it just as clear as with my headphones. Connecting was super easy and it’s become my go to for music.

As many of you know, I live about five minutes from the beach. I love to go and take the kids or when the kids are in school I go just to relax for a bit. I always used headphones when listening to my music in the past. Thanks to the Blackberry Mini Stereo I don’t have to deal with cords anymore. I can turn it down so it doesn’t bother others around me but I don’t have to have cord tan lines and my ears are saved (they always hurt when I wear ear buds for too long).

While at the beach I usually lay it by my head. However, what is a super cool feature to me about the Blackberry Mini Stereo Speaker is that it is wearable. You can slip it onto your waistband and it is a great way to add a little music to your run. Headphones be gone, I’ve got the mini stereo…I’ll get my BPMs that way.

I am sure there are other options out there for listening to music, I just happened to have fallen in love with this little gadget. It’s cute, has a powerful sound, and is rechargeable! Perfect for working out, travel, beach time, or whatever else you want to have your music on hand for.

What is your favorite phone accessory?

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