Quotable Sunday: Halloween Song Lyrics

Halloween is tomorrow so I figured for today's Quotable Sunday I would share some lyrics to some of my favorite halloween time songs! Read More »»

Teachers Deserve Treats Too! Giving Back With A Gift Basket


It’s 50 ft. Party Time with Kmart

Halloween is a fun time for us. I The Kids love getting to dress up, seeing all the neighborhood decorations, getting candy, going to the churches festival. They just enjoy having a fun innocent night of getting to dress up as their favorite sports star, action hero, or princess. Read More »»

Halloween Party Finale: Share Your Favorite Trick-or-Treat Memories {$100 Walmart Gift Card Prize Pack)

GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED!  WINNER ANNOUNCED SOON. Today is the final day of my Nestle Family Halloween party.  And you know what final days usually means the grand finale of giveaways right!    I am looking forward to trying all the great ideas you, my readers, have left in the comments.  The Read More »»

Carving Time Out For Family Dinner {Stouffer’s Prize Pack Giveaway} closed

Now I love candy just as much as the next person (Okay possibly a little more).  While Halloween is fun, candy, crafts and parties we can't let it take over family time.  Welcome to Day 4 of my week long Nestle Family Halloween Party.  Today's Giveaway is courtesy of Stouffer's. As a parent I Read More »»

Halloween Party Day 3: Homemade Costumes {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

What's Halloween without costumes right!!!  I mean it's the one time of the year I can dress up as anything or anyone I want and not feel like a dummy or get the stares of what the heck is she doing.  This year I will be donning everything 80's.  Now this I would love to be able to do everyday Read More »»

Fun Ideas For A Ghoulish Celebration: A Juicy Juice Prize Pack & Target Gift Card Giveaway

Today in the Nestle Family's Week Long Halloween Party we are talking Ghoulish Celebrations.  I know a lot of people, adults and kids alike, love to throw parties at Halloween time.  It's fun to dress up and get together with friends.  When you are planning these celebrations, especially the ones Read More »»

Nestle’s Spooktacular Baking Contest {Target Gift Card & Toll House Giveaway}

It's time to have a little spooky fun! My family loves Halloween time, it's a time for dressing up, having fun, heading ot our church for a Harvest Festival and of course goodies and candy. What's there not to love about this time of year right! I've partnered with Nestle Family this week to get Read More »»

Halloween was fun!

This year Halloween was so much fun because Bella was finally old enough to understand and have a good time trick or treating. We told the kids what to say when someone opened the door (trick or treat), and I got so tickled at Aidan; he did well for the first two houses. Then he got so excited, I Read More »»

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