Halloween Horror Nights 25: Houses and Scarezones Are The Best Yet!

It's that time of year when the scares are out in full force at Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 25. Celebrating the 25th year of the event, they pulled out all the stops. I had the chance to attend Halloween Horror Nights 25 as part of our "Facing Fears Together" event. Bloggers and Read More »»

Fun Halloween Doggie Treat Bags + Free Printable Bag Tags

Halloween is just around the corner and that means kids will be going door to door, trick or treating in hopes of bringing back some tasty treats. However, kids aren't the only ones we will see out and about on Halloween. Every year, without fail, we tend to see people who bring their pets along for Read More »»

Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights = Fear-Filled Fun

Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights recently worked with Two Traveling Moms (my other site), to put together a fear-filled event called "Facing Fears Together". Ten bloggers and their plus one headed to the nations scariest event to take on evil clowns, zombies, creepy dolls, vampires, Read More »»

How Spooky Do You Look Before Your First Cup #DunkinMugUP

Sometimes BC (Before Coffee) is a very scary thing...just look at me Before Coffee... YIKES.  I need coffee stat, thankfully Dunkin Donuts has me all sorts of covered! The coffee makeover is in process.... After a Dunkin Donut's cup full of French Vanilla Dunkin Donuts, all is Read More »»

30 Frighteningly Fun Halloween Recipes

Halloween is approaching, in just two weeks little ghouls, princess, and whatever other kind of costumes there are will be having fun getting candy. It's no shock I love to back so I decided I wanted to take some recipes from bloggers all over and do a halloween recipe round up. So today, I bring Read More »»

It’s Always Nice To Know You’d Make A Great Looking Zombie

You know, something that has always been on the fore front of my mind is "If there was a zombie apocaplyse and I become an undead...would I look like they do, all scary and gross?" I am happy to say that is not the case. In fact, I would venture to say people would welcome us right into their homes Read More »»

Halloween Cocktails From St. Pete Resort

Don't those Halloween Cocktails look yummy. We all think of the treats the kids get but us adults like to have fun too. While we aren't big drinkers in our home we do indulge in the occasional drink and these are so fun looking. Why not have some Graveyard Brew at your party? Let things get a little Read More »»

Halloween Fun All Through October On Cartoon Network #Entertainment

Cartoon Network is gearing up for the month of Halloween.  The entire month will feature premieres of Halloween-inspired episodes, original movies and many spooky specials all leading up to a marathon of spine-tingling programming from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on October 31. Bright spots in the October Read More »»

Fun Halloween Treats To Eat #Frankenweenie #Halloween

There are two fun things happening in October...Halloween but before that is the premiere of Frankenweenie! In 6 days from now, Frankenweenie will hit theaters. To celebrate both check out these fun and spooky treats. Batty Cupcakes: Funny Bones: Pizza Mummies: Salty Bones: Sweet Read More »»

New Brave Toys Bring The Movie To Life. #BraveCarsLandEvent

When I was growing up I always loved when my favorite movie or TV show had toys to match, it was just like I was seeing the story come to life and even playing a part in the story myself.  Thanks to the new line of Brave toys and products my daughter has had the same experience.  One of the other Read More »»

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