2009: A Year In Review At A Daily Dose Part 2

As mentioned 2009 was an eventful year here at a Daily Dose, which brings me to the second half of the year.  More posts I think are worth paying attention to from the last year here at my place.  With Blogher, Trips and so much more you definitely will want to check out some of these posts and Read More »»

I Would Rather Go Through Childbirth Again

If you ever said to me a kidney infection could be more painful than childbirth, I would have gladly disagreed with you (possibly snickering under my breath)...until Tuesday that is. Now I have had your run of the mill UTI's growing up and those are not comfortable but they were easily dealt with. Read More »»

Breast Cancer Is Not a Joke: But For Implants I Guess It Can Be!

WOW, I am almost speechless...ALMOST, not completely! I have quite a bit I would love to say to Trista Joy Lathern who faked breast cancer  and got implants out of it.   Excuse my bluntness, because this is a subject that is very dear to my heart,  but What the HELL!! According to this post on Read More »»

Toni’s Tidbits: Tested Today

Hey Hey it's Tuesday and time for my rambling.  See if you notice the enhancement I had and find out what I was tested for this morning: Make sure to take care of yourself and your health and know your family history! Now bear with me while I freak out while waiting for the results that I am Read More »»

Let’s Go Pink Together: Inspiring Hope (Giveaway)

I am sure many of you who are readers of my blog, remember the many posts about my mother through the past year after she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Ever since that moment I crashed to the floor after she told me she had breast cancer (now clean bill of health), I have wanted nothing more Read More »»

Quotable Sunday: Health

Hey Hey quoters, I was a bit worried that today's Quotable Sunday wouldn't be because of my hosting mess. Thanks to the lovely @mommygeekology all is well and I am now with Fat Cow (crossing fingers all goes well with them). If today is your first time joining in with us welcome! To join in is Read More »»

Flu Season Is Here

and it's made it's appereance in my household.  Yes our neighbors son (who Aidan was face to face with in tackle football) came down with Swine Flu we found out, well a few days before he was diagnosed (but after they had played together) Aidan came down with all the symptoms.  We were like Read More »»

1:00 appointment today, I think I will be sick

So today is the big needle biopsy appointment and I am not looking forward to it at all! I am not so much worried about the outcome because I feel like everything will be fine but it's the needle I am worried about. Luckily they offer a sedative if I would like one, is what the lady told me when Read More »»

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