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Help reduce chances of getting head lice with Lice Shield!

Lice Shield

I’ve had kids in school for the last 8 years and until last year, I had been lucky enough never to have had a lice breakout.  Sure, we had had notes sent home that other kids in their class had lice, but somehow we had managed to avoid catching them…until last year.  Right around Christmas time we had a huge breakout of lice, and the sad part was it wasn’t even from school, I am pretty sure it was from a family get together.  All the kids (some family, some family friends) were switching out Santa hats and at least 10 people (including 2 of my children) were infested.  That was one of the worst weeks for my neck, back and eyes.   It took a week before I was able to go through my sons hair and not find a nit!  Torture!

Since then I have tried to make sure drill into my kids “hair health” even more than before.  No sharing of hats, brushes, headphones, hoodies, etc.  but I also use Lice Shield to reduce the chances of another lice breakout!

Lice Shield is a new line of hair care products demonstrated  to repel lice while, at the same time, gently cleansing and conditioning hair. Specially formulated with a proprietary blend of natural oil extracts that repel lice. Regular use of Lice Shield will reduce the likelihood  your child will contract head lice when there is an outbreak.**

They have 2 products that will, hopefully, keep your child lice free:

Lice ShieldLice Shield 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner

 Lice Shield Leave In Conditioning Spray

What I love about these products is they are gentle enough to use daily if you choose too.  Best practice is to use the products when you think your child has been exposed , during an outbreak which is usually about 2 weeks.  I actually use it myself 2 times a week on my children in place of their regular shampoo.  It uses natural oils as it’s ingredients which makes me as a mom feel safe.  I hate putting any kind of “pesticide” on my kids so natural oils win points from me.

If you’ve never had a head lice infestation, consider yourself lucky, but don’t think you know all there is to know about the annoying little bugs.  There are a lot of myths surrounding head lice, check out some of the myths below:

  • Poor Hygiene causes headlice.  Catching head lice is not associated with poor hygiene!  Trust me, my daughter, gets dirty, but she takes a bath morning and night washing her hair and she got them last year.  My oldest son who, on some days, we used to have to almost take away privileges to get him to bath daily never had a one.
  • What if a lice jumps onto my childs head from another?  Head lice can’t jump, fly, or swim.  Most of the time they’re transferred by direct contact from head to head.  Sometimes from clothing and brushes.
  • They can live for a long time so putting on an old hat can reinfest.  Head lice are not able to survive off the scalp for long, so while it’s possible to catch them from clothing or hats, it’s unlikely.  The nits, however, can live off a host for 7-10 days and will not hatch below 68 F.  Be sure to wash anything that may have come in contact. Stuffed animals or other non-washable items can either be blasted with heat (125 degrees) for at least 20 minutes to kill lice and nits or bagged for at least 10 days (we always did a month).  That way any live lice and nits that could hatch will be killed.  Boil brushes or buy new ones! Don’t forget to vaccuum beds, furniture and empty canister bag right away (in the outside trash).
  • My child”s hair is short they are safe.  Children with shorter hair are just as likely to catch head lice as those with long hair.
  • I have pets, my chances of getting rid of it are not good.  You can only catch head lice from humans, so don’t worry about your pets passing it on.
  • My head is always itching, so I must have lice.  Itching is not always a sign of head lice infestation as only 30% of people suffer from itching caused by head lice.

You want to do periodic checks (even if  note doesn’t come home) just to make sure there is nothing creeping around.  If your child (or anyone you know) gets lice it’s not the end of the world.   Treat and prevent, that’s all you have to do.  Be sure to take precautions like using Lice Shield 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner and the Leave In  Spray, don’t share brushes, headphones, hats, etc so your chances of having lice in your home are a little less, your neck, back and eyes will thank you for it!

**Please note this is not a guarantee that you will never get lice!

Disclosure: I received a Back to School Kit from Lice Shield in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.

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    Do you know what stores carry this product? The kids on my daughters’ classes have been dealing with lice and I would love to prevent it as much as I can. Thanks!