Christmas Chex Mix

Today I am sharing with you a recipe my grandmother gave to me. It's one I make every holiday. Why I haven't posted it until now is beyond me. I think it's because I make it and eat it and get into a sugary stupor. So this year I am sharing it before I make it, hence the no photos. I'll be sure to Read More »»

Napa Cabbage Soup

This soup is amazing. We have a friend who made this for us and it was so tasty I had to get the recipe from him. If you are like me, soups are a big part of your fall/winter menu. Sorry for the no photos but I just couldn't wait to share with you this recipe and I didn't take photos when we had it Read More »»

Caramel Fun: Turtle Style & Butterfinger Style Caramel Apples

Recently the kids and I made some yummy, outside of the normal toppings, caramel apples. I loved the simplicity of these and to be completely honest, they were divine. Read More »»

Simple Caramel Pie…So YUMMY!

I love to bake and one of the things being oven less has taught me is you don't always need an oven to make something super tasty in the baked goods Read More »»

Boost Kid Essentials Review

Busy is an understatement in our household. We are constantly on the go. With soccer practice, dance practice, youth group, church and whatever else happens to fall in our laps, there are days we may not have time for that sit down snack. We need something easy to take with us, something on the go Read More »»

Cooking With Toni: Salsa 101

Now I never claimed to be Betty Crocker, though I will say I can make some pretty tasty cupcakes...then again anything with frosting on it is bound to taste good right? However I will brag on a skill only I have, that's right no one else has this skill. Okay so that's pushing it but I can make a Read More »»

Dinner Tips from Bob Evans Executive Chef David Eisel

With school in full swing I am always looking for dinner and cooking tips. I had the chance to get some questions answered from Bob Evans executive chef, David Eisel. I am sure I am not the only mom who is looking for a quick meal and easy clean up. Read More »»

Looking For Guest Posters

If you like to blog anything kitchen related, think tips, time savers, recipes I would love to have a few guest posters for "Cooking With Toni". Read More »»

You Know You’re Italian When….

You know you're Italian when

Why I Will Never Be A Wine Connoisseur…

So today I am bringing out my inner Julia Child and attacking her Beouf Bourguignon. Yes, yes I watched the Julie & Julia movie and now want to cook every recipe in Julia's book. Well minus the meat jello looking thing. I have made asparagus w/ hollandaise sauce and Julia's bruschetta as well. Read More »»

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