What Are Your Favorite Movie Theater Snacks? #FandangoFamilyRoom

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Theater Snacks

We love heading to the theater to watch some of the current movies.  In fact, a few weekends ago, we just spend several hours at our local theater.  We checked out EPIC, After Earth, and Fast and The Furious 6.  One of the things my kids (okay and myself) look forward to outside of the movie itself are the snacks.  There is just something about the movie theater snacks that make all well in my movie world.  Today I want to share with you…

Movie Theater Snacks

  • Popcorn is a must.  What is a movie without popcorn…and lots of butter!
  • Combo it up!  Save a little money by going with the combos.  We tend to do the large popcorn and two drink combo for our family of five and it works great
  • Sweets are necessary.  When you are eating that salty popcorn, you can be sure you will be craving something sweet at some point through the movie.  Go ahead and pick up that chocolate (I definitely prefer the sno-caps.
  • Reward yourself.  Some theaters have a reward program where they give a little back.  It could be a special they give to the members only or a discount after you have spent so much.  Reward programs are a great way to get back a little at some point.

We love to grab snacks at the movie theater, I try to always go in with a plan or I could walk away spending much more than I wanted.  We try to space our movie going out, so when we go we want the whole experience and part of that is getting the snacks at the theater.  There is just something about eating movie theater snacks that makes the whole day for me.

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After looking at Fandango’s Family Room I know that next up on our movie list is Despicable Me 2, The Lone Ranger, and a few others…so it’s time to start getting those snack ideas ready.

What are your favorite movie snacks?

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  1. 1

    Well I do admit that I love the buttered popcorn, but OY the calories!! Sometimes we grab a box of chocolate treats (my husband’s favorite are the cookie dough bites), and my daughter always asks for an Icee (sometimes she even gets one!)

  2. 2

    Salty, sweet, salty, sweet. That’s how I roll too! Buying some Monsters U tickets at Fandango for tonight.

  3. 3

    Favorite movie snack of all time….Junior Mints! YUM

  4. 4

    I love love love me some popcorn!

  5. 5

    I have to get popcorn no butter. It’s a must! Maybe a diet coke

  6. 6

    No popcorn for me I love candy and nachos with lots of jalapeno and that chemical cheese LOL!

  7. 7

    My favorite movie snack is chocolate covered raisins.

  8. 8

    I guess I have just been a cheapskate – I don’t buy snacks when I am at the theater. (Plus, if I were to buy a drink it would cause me to miss out on some of the movie when I would have to run out to the little girls’ room.)

  9. 9

    I rarely get anything at the movies anymore, but my all time fave is popcorn. 🙂

  10. 10

    When I do indulge in movie theater popcorn, I love to throw in some Sour Patch Kids and M&Ms to create a perfect trail mix of sorts.

  11. 11
    Jenn- The Rebel Chick :

    I love them all, seriously it’s the only downside to going to the theaters is seeing all the goodies there. But seeing a movie just isn’t a movie without a giant tub of popcorn!

  12. 12

    Popcorn is my favorite theater snack, hands down!

  13. 13

    My children always go for popcorn and slushies!

  14. 14

    Popcorn, of course!

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