1:00 appointment today, I think I will be sick

So today is the big needle biopsy appointment and I am not looking forward to it at all! I am not so much worried about the outcome because I feel like everything will be fine but it's the needle I am worried about. Luckily they offer a sedative if I would like one, is what the lady told me when Read More »»

Yes, being a stay at home mom, I do have the right to complain about finances

Another never ending debatable topic is the "Should the stay at home parent have a right to complain about money?" My answer to that question is... "Yeah I have every right to complain!" Most people think the stay at home parents should not complain because "they can go to work" if they want more Read More »»

Boob, it’s what’s for dinner (breakfast, lunch and snack too)

I would like to blog about breastfeeding and the reasons why I am such a supporter of it. Yes it's an age old debate between moms. We have breastfeeding nazi's who snub those that formula feed their children. While yes I am a hard core advocate of breastfeeding I think you have to do what is right Read More »»

Open Season

Nope not talking about the movie, today was opening day for turkey season. Those who know me well know that I married a hunting man. Now this is not my can of beans but he loves it so I get excited for him. I have heard about it for the last few weeks how excited he is. He reminded me of a kid Read More »»

Sleeping Soundly…

Must be nice to be able to fall asleep anywhere. yes this is bella and she fell asleep on her brothers wooden headboard. Of course all that she does during the day it is no wonder she zonked out. Oh before I forget I must totally brag on my dh. Okay so most know he is not the most take initative Read More »»

Christmas 2007

Well we had quite a wonderful Christmas. Here are a few pictures of presents, stockings, Santa stuff, Bella and a family picture. We had so much stuff to bring home. These were taken at my mother in laws house after doing Christmas at her house in the morning we headed to her mom's house and got a Read More »»

Cutest Couple, adorable kids, what more could a girl want?

*Trust me, I had an adorable photo here though this picture in the post isn't it. I deleted my Photobucket account, and the original photo went poof, right along with it, but this photo is just as great!* So here is what we are giving my parents and grandparents and Brent's parents and Read More »»

For My Momma, My Hero

I just was listening to this song and I wanted to say I love you to my mom and let her know I know all she has done for me and there were so many times in my life she stood in the shadow so I could shine. And she really is everything I wish I could be, she helped me soar and for that I will love her Read More »»

Gabriel warming up before basketball

This is his first year playing basketball. I must say I have a little all american boy. He is very talented with all the sports he plays. I will post more videos of him as I load them. Read More »»

Gabriel At Little Dribblers

Unfortunately this video has been deleted from photobucket. You'll just have to take my word for it when I say my son, Gabriel was super good at his Little Dribblers. Be sure to check out the rest of my blog for fun videos and photos of my kids! Read More »»

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