That is all... A 90's boy band fan dream. One can dream of this concert, by the way if anyone from NKOTB or BSB are reading this and feel like you want me to attend I won't turn down the offer. If I had to sit through a concert of two of my fave boy bands I may could muster the energy. Now this is something I could listen to over and over daily and keep a smile plastered. 10 minutes of Read More »»

Even In Tough Times You Just Have To Laugh

Well sometimes that is all you can do right? I am talking about laughing. My family is truly at what I would think of as bottom (well will be in a few weeks if something big doesn't happen). To put it bluntly, after I pay my bills we will have no money to pay anything with, get gas with, necessities get my point. My husband lost his job at the beginning of November and until now we Read More »»

North Point’s iBand Makes Christmas Music AWESOME

Okay you all know the little bit of love I have for my iPhone I am sure...okay little bit is not true it's like my fourth child. Well here is one of the millions of reasons I love iPhones and someday when I am rich need an iPad. Read More »»

Sometimes You Just Need To Hear The Right Song In The Midst of Your Storm

Lately it seems that almost daily I find myself weeping before God. There are things going on in my life that are truly a faith testing.  I don't understand why my family is going through these trials or  when they will end.  I know in the end everything will be fine and God will work it all out but the waiting for answers and not knowing how the end result is going to come is definitely Read More »»

Songs That Hold Memories For Me

I know you all have them, I am not the only one right. Songs that hold some sort of memory for you. Now you didn't think I was going to share the memory part of the song did ya. Well okay on some I might but definitely all So here are a few of the songs that hold a special place in my heart for one reason or another. And actually I might not tell you why, that could be a fun game you guess Read More »»

Starring Me (and my family): Justin Bieber Style

Okay it's been WAY too long since I did a little song and dance here on A Daily Dose. Now I know I know everyone is rolling their eyes at Justin Bieber, I mean really you either love or can't stand him. I happen to think some of his songs are kinda catchy, or maybe it's the fact my kids are so entertained by him they are wonderful when one of his songs are playing. Sanity savers make moms Read More »»