Camelbak Groove Reusable Water Bottle Review & Giveaway *5 WINNERS* (4/30)

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There are all types of mom’s out there..fashionista’s, sporty, health conscience, diva moms, frugal. You name it there is a mom out there for it. Today’s gift idea is really for any mom but I believe those healthy and sporty lifestyle moms are really going to appreciate it. For the mom in your life who is wanting to be a litter healthier by adding more water to her life, you definitely need to get her the Camelbak Groove reusable water bottle.

Here is a little video review of it for you from me. Keep reading after the video to learn a bit more and enter to win one of 5 Groove bottle’s:

The Camelback Groove reusable water bottle is a re-usable, bpa free, spill proof bottle that filters your water and helps you get bottle watered taste wherever you go (or at least it has for me). The filter is good for up to 300 uses so imagine saving that much money in bottled water. You can use room temp, cold, ice cold, or hot (not boiling) water in this bottle. Please do not use this in the microwave and do not try to use it with water out in the open. It is meant for tap water only as it is NOT a purifier, it is only meant to make water taste better.

A little more about Camelbak’s Groove from the press release sent to me:
· Gives consumers great tasting, freshly filtered water anywhere they go in the only reusable bottles designed and proven to help people stay better hydrated.
· Bite valve proven to help you drink up to 24% more (recent Pepperdine University study). It’s the same bite valve used by astronauts!
· Comes in a sleek, long-lasting durable .6 liter bottle made of BPA-free Tritan plastic or stainless steel.
· Now available nationwide for a SRP of $25 (Tritan) and $35 (stainless steel). Replacement filters are available for a SRP of $10 for two filters and $25 for six.

Now it’s time for the good news/bad news part of the review…

Camelbak’s Groove bottle is a great addition to my life.  I know I needed to hydrate more and now that I can actually stand the taste of the water I see that happening.  I won’t be spending money on bottled water and at $25.00 it will pay for itself very quickly.  I am a bottled water girl when I drink water so that is money saved especially since I only have to change the filter once every 300 refills.

You have to replace filters.  But I guess that isn’t a huge downside since most anything (besides bottled which costs money) that is gonna do any kind of filtering eventually has to be replaced.  Also I was never a big fan of sippy cups with the built in straw because they are hard to clean over time, but so far that has not been a problem, I shall update at a later date if I find it to be too troublesome.

Overall I think this is a wonderful addition to my life, only you can tell if it will be just as awesome for you. So if you want to see head over and check out Camelbak’s Groove re-usable bottle and get yourself (or Mom AHEM) one for $25.00.  Enjoy the taste and find something fun to do with the money you will save on not buying bottled water.  However before you do that why not try to win one of five I am giving away today.


I am giving away FIVE (5) of the Camelbak Groove Bottle. Perfect for that health conscience or sporty mom in your life.

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In the comments let me know how many bottled waters do you think you would be able to give up in a year if you were using Camelbak’s Groove?

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* I was given a  Camelbak Groove to facilitate my review.   No other form of compensation was given. Reception of product does not have influence on my views.  Opinions are mine and mine only.

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  1. 1

    This really sounds like it would do the job. only use bottled water in car when driving.

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    Christine Jensen

    I don’t use a lot of bottled water, I use reusable bottles, but none of them have a filter like the Camelbak!

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    I don’t drink bottled water anymore, all we use are camelbak’s.

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    I would save many bottles of water, maybe almost one a day so 300?

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    With this neat Camelbak, I believe that I could give most, if not all of them up. This is all I need! Thank you!

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    Mary Beth Elderton

    I already use refillable water bottles, but the problem is travelling—where to refill? So, when travelling, even day trips, we often buy bottles of water. Having a filter and being able to refill anywhere would save us a few dozen a year.

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    Mary Beth Elderton

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    Mary Beth Elderton

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    Mary Beth Elderton
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    crystle tellerday


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    Rosilind Jukic

    I don’t drink a lot of bottled water – but with this bottle I’d drink a lot more water in general than I do now.

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    I would not give up any as I do not purchase bottled water! calvad at aol dot com

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    I don’t use many disposable water bottles, but I don’t have any reusables that filter, and my current reusable water bottle is beat up and leaks. I’d love to have this to bring places with me!
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

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    Karen Gonyea
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    over a hundred a year

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    I drink 3-4 a day, 365 days in a year – so well over a thousand.

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    I would be able to give up 120 or so at least.

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    every bottle!

  70. 70

    more than i like to admit. we do try to avoid bottled water, because it’s such a waste of money, but we do wind up buying quite a few.

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    I use a Brita filter so I don’t use bottled water, but this would be more convenient than regular water bottles

  78. 78

    I’d say at least 150…I’m pretty good about refilling my bottles, but I do use some. If the water in the city I live in didn’t taste so terrible, it wouldn’t be such an issue.

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

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    Probably 100 – I try to reuse my bottle a few times even though they say this is not good to do!

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    I think I could save about 150 water bottles a year. I do not use them regularly but we do get them when we are out of the house and need something to drink (parks, fairs, camping, etc). reejen at comcast dot net

  101. 101
    Lizzie Rosenberg

    At least 50!!

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    I would be able to give up 156 bottles a year (I drink about 3 a week).
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    Shaunda.Eppes at gmail dot com

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    We drink about 3 bottles of water per day in our house – so in theory, we would save over 1000 bottles!

    We actually wash and reuse bottles, so it’s not nearly that many – but they all do add up!

  122. 122
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    Brittany Rebello

    I’d give up about 48 bottles a week! or 2496 a year

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    Brittany Rebello

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    Brittany Rebello

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    Hmm 100 maybe

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    I would be able to give up about 78

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    Probably at least 100!

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    Veronica Garrett

    I think I would be able to give up about 200.

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    Maybe 24..

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