California, Here I Come!

Nestle Family EventA few weeks ago I was contacted and asked if I would like to attend a 2 day event working with Nestle Family. More and more companies are bringing bloggers (both men and women) out to their headquarters to give insight into their company. They want to get our insight and concerns and to me that speaks volumes of companies. When a company wants to have the opinions of your everyday people that, in my opinion, is a way of moving forward.

I was excited about the event and started to think of the questions I wanted to ask of Nestle when I had the time to sit and talk with some of their executives and team members. The title of the event is Happy, Healthy Gathering. It’s essentially showing us all aspects of Nestle from candy to dinner and how they are doing things different everyday to improve their products to make them healthier. Okay but let’s be honest, some things can only be made so healthy *cough* candy *cough* but other things like dinners can be improved. And Nestle cares enough about real people’s opinions to ask 20-ish bloggers out to get insight and give input.

I fully plan on bringing up points about what are they doing to promote a healthier lifestyle since one of the things they are known best for is candy/chocolate. Are they donating to causes that will help kids and adults maintain a healthy lifestyle? How they are going about promoting breastfeeding (as you all know I am one of the biggest breastfeeding advocates out there, ask my formula feeding friends LOL) since one of their other sellers is formula? How they are making sure in 3rd world country where conditions are not as good as they are here in the US that families that have to or choose to formula feed are mixing the formula with clean water?

I am happy that Nestle is wanting to work with us and value our opinions that says a lot about a company. It is definitely going to be a jam packed 2 days. I arrive on Tuesday 9/29 in the afternoon and we are taken to our hotel, The Langham Huntington Hotel and Spa, and have a little down time. We start that evening with a meet and greet of the other attendees and some of the Nestle team members. I will admit you all have reason to be jealous of this little tidbit, I will be getting my picture made with a celebrity…The Nesquik Bunny. He is a regular in our house already you know so he and I are great friends.

The next day we head out early for a long day starting at 7:30 a.m. We will be meeting with execs, heading to the candy lab, learn how to spice up dinners and then dessert before dinner, an ice cream social. Of course there is much more packed into the day but this post hast to end sometime. Followed by dinner at The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

On Thursday we hop to it again with learning how Nestle gives back to the community in an expo-style session. One on one time with Nestle representatives. A question session with Nestle experts. Tips on Dinner and more followed by dinner at Twin Palms in Pasadena.

The two day event has so much information and chances for the bloggers attending to learn and get insight as well as voice our opinions and thoughts. It’s going to be a great learning experience. We will be tweeting during the event so please follow our event hashtag #nestlefamily to follow along. And please if you have any questions you would like brought up if I have the chance feel free to dm them to me on twitter. Also be sure to follow the other attendees blogs and twitter accounts to see their take on the event and company.

Nestle Family Event Attendees (below is their name with a link to their site and twitter handle):

Toni (me): A Daily Dose of Toni ~ @totally_toni

Maria: Mom Talk Radio ~ @MomTalkRadio

Amy: Mom Spark ~ @MomSpark

Latricia: 1 Stop Mom ~ @1stopmom

Andrea: Mommy Snacks ~ @mommysnacks

Bridgette: The Not-So-Blog ~ @BridgetteLA

Melanie: Modern Mami ~ @modernmami

Jennifer: The Mom Salon ~ @mombloggersclub

Pauline: Classy Chaos ~ @OHMommy

Marie: Make & Takes ~ @makeandtakes

Matt: Matt, Liz and Madeline ~ @mattlogelin

PJ: Real Men Drive Minivans ~ @rmdmblog

Tricia: 24/7 Moms [email protected]

Jenny: Mommin It Up ~ @jennyitup

Renee: Cutie Booty Cakes ~ @reneejross

Elizabeth: Busy Mom ~ @busymom

Liz: This Full House ~ @thisfullhouse

Amanda: Oh Amanda ~ @OohAmanda

Christine: From Dates to Diapers ~ @youngmommy

Greg: Telling Dad ~ @wombtobloom

So get ready to get insight into a company that is many households in America. There are products they have that I didn’t even realize was made by them, so chances are right at this moment you too have Nestle in your house and if a product is in your house wouldn’t you want to know more about the company. Follow my twitter to keep up and check back here for posts during or after the event.

I must say one more quick thing, my husband now loves Nestle even more because one of the nights I am gone they are sending dinner from Omaha Steaks.  So a big thank you to Nestle for  making sure my kids eat good for one night while I am gone!

*Travel, hotel,  meals, baggage fees, and  dinner for family were provided courtesy of Nestle for this event.

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  1. 1

    Wow, what an awesome opportunity Toni. Hope you have a wonderful time.
    .-= Audrey´s last blog ..Aloha Friday #18 =-.

  2. 3

    very cool of nestle to send your family food. Lord knows these big corporations have the extra cash to shell out.

    p.s. who cares what the spammers say, go and have fun. don’t be afraid to question this formula controversy while you’re there. as a bf mom myself their claims are radical. however weren’t women forced to bf before formula came along? just sayin…

    • 4

      Oh it’s actually bfers LOL that are being jerks and talking bad about the bloggers attending and it is annoying me. I love Nestle (formula or not) and we have a lot of their stuff in our house. I am excited to work with them and get to give input 🙂

      How did the Ninja Launch go!!

  3. 5

    I too love Nestle. I remember passing the Cali. facility (where you will be)on the way to my Grandmothers. Sorry about the hijackers I don’t see any need to attack you. You’re more pro-fing than I am. ha!

    Ninja was good. Free blogging trips aren’t so “free” glad Nestle is stepping up. Maybe they will make an example for other companies. I spent too much money but 0verall the Ninja rocks!

    I don’t think a lot of people know (even the hijackers) just how much Nestle is a part of food brands. Look in your pantry people..just sayin 😉

    Have a great time Toni can’t wait to read your posts.
    .-= kristin´s last blog ..Bookie Update =-.

  4. 7

    It sounds like a really fun event! Can’t wait to hear all about it!
    .-= Kasey @ All Things Mamma´s last blog ..Burt’s Bees Review and Giveaway! =-.

  5. 9

    I love forward to reading what their answers were about the formula.
    .-= Melodie´s last blog ..Our Semi-Green Birthday Party =-.

  6. 11

    Toni btw you have blog stalkers. Um..they hit me up on twitter. LOL

    Yes people I think its fabulous that Toni gets to attend the Nestle event. It’s wonderful for her! So sue me!!!! BTW Toni TOne you’re fab. 😉

    • 12

      It’s the awesome huh. Basically they are idiots who want everyone to take what they have to say at face value without researching for themselves. My ethics speak for themselves just because a bunch of breastfeeding nazis (even more crazy than me) are hating oh well, they don’t have to like me or my blog…

      But until I know for sure one way or the other I will not just take their word for it. It would be like asking them to believe if there was a claim that breastfeeding kills babies to just believe it without research…they are idiots and really makes me not want to bring any of their points to the table b/c of the way they are handling themselves.

  7. 13

    have a great time!!
    .-= melissa´s last blog ..Perhaps I Lack Compassion? =-.

  8. 15

    Toni I am so proud of you. Remember the favor of the Lord is a shield about you, expect to move on up in the bloggers world. This is a chosen place for you to use your gift that God gave you.( The gift to gab ) I believe you will be working full time blogging. I’m praying for you I got your back love mom

  9. 17

    Toni, I am jazzed about your trip to Nestle. You are an amazing woman and I am glad to be a part of your life. I am a little jealous of those Omaha steaks though, LOL. I am praying for supernatural favor in all that you do. Love Dad

  10. 19

    Will the Nestle family bloggers look at the evidence or just relay what Nestle tells them?

    • 20

      Well for must of us it’s a matter of research would you expect us breastfeeders to just believe it if someone told us breastfeeding killed babies, I think not and I would be appalled if someone suggested I believe something without researching.

  11. 21

    have fun tony and tell us the story later.

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