Disney and Pixar’s “Brave”: A New Role Model Is Here #BraveCarsLandEvent

Last night I attended a pre-screening of Disney/Pixar’s newest creation, Brave.  I laughed, I cried, I even got a little bit startled but I loved every minute of that movie.  As you all know from the Brave posts lately I have been counting down until this movie hit theaters when I was blessed with the opportunity to see it last night and tonight will see it again at the world premiere here in LA.  I can’t begin to even put into words how much I enjoyed this movie, but I am going to try.

Long gone are the days of princesses being in trouble and rescued by a male.  The princess is the hero in Brave.  It was time for a heroin to jump onto the scene.  Merida captivated me from the moment she first appears on the screen.  Whether it was her fiery red hair, her cute little face or her strong will that reminded me of my Bella, I can’t say.  I think it was so many things rolled into one.

Living the life of a princess who is destined to follow the “rules” of the kingdom, Merida decides she wants more for herself than to not have a voice.  She wants to decide how she will live her life. Trying to voice her thoughts to her mother don’t go over as she wants and she seeks help from an unlikely source only to have a bigger problem on her hands than the impending betrothal she is trying to avoid.  As soon as she realizes her mistake and the fact she may lose the ones she loves she sets out to make it right.   With obstacles along the way will she correct the mistake she made out of selfishness?  Will the family be able to come to a new agreement in which they can all be happy?

Brave had so many layers it’s hard to tell you what my favorite part of the movie was.  I loved all the characters because they each brought something that was needed to make the movie work.  I was thrilled at Disney having a female hero and that a lesson can be learned.  The lesson I hope my daughter gets from it is that no matter what happens our family will always work out situations that arise, that while she will make mistakes the lesson she learns from them are what matters most.  I am thrilled that she will see as a female she doesn’t have to be put in a certain box, that she can do what she wants even if it doesn’t line up with what society thinks is right.  That she can be a princess AND a hero!

I can’t begin to say enough that you need to see this movie.  There are some scary parts so you may want to keep the real little ones at home.  My daughter is 7 and she will be fine.  I plan on taking both of my boys with us as well because I think they will enjoy it just as much.  Yes, the lead is a female, but the movie as a whole has hilarity and action that my boys will love.  Brave releases to theaters June 22 and you can bet I will fight the crowd for this movie.  That’s how much I enjoyed it.

Don’t forget to keep up with all things Brave on their website, check out Brave on Facebook and follow @DisneyPixar on twitter for all the latest happenings.

Disclosure: Disney/Pixar are sponsoring my travel, accommodations and activities during the #BraveCarsLandEvent in June. All opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.

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    Great movie glad I got a chance to see it with yah!

  2. 2

    I totally agree I LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie!

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    I loved the story of Merida. It reminds me of myself when I was younger 😉