Big Brother 11 Talk: The Not So Bright One Was Shining Last Night

Big Brother 11

I know you have all wondered why have I not been talking about Big Brother this year yet. Since I work weeknights I have to catch up on the episode and I have been into it this year but just haven’t posted. Well wait no more, it’s time for my Big Brother post.
Let me start by saying…..

Jeff Big Brother 11

GO JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only is Jeff sweet on the eyes (albeit a bit on the not so brilliant side) but he did the house and America a huge favor last night. Using the Coup d’Etat (or pronounced Coop in Jeffanese) putting up allies Jessie and Natalie. Watching their faces was probably reward enough for everyone in the house, minus Chima who absolutely needs to go next. That girl irks me even more than Jessie, and that is a lot.

Russell big brother 11

While I do want to see Jeff win I have a major soft spot in my heart for Russell. Something about the muscle dude (and I am not a big fan of huge muscles) makes me giggle. Not to mention I think he feels about Chima the same way I do. Maybe it’s her laugh. I loved watching her face as Lydia and Russell were taken off the nominations and her allies went up. The sweetest part of the show ever.

Evel Dick

I know, I know Russell is a bully but for some reason it doesn’t bother me. I think in the game everyone’s worst attributes come out but it makes for wonderful t.v. Remember, Evel Dick? I adored that man and loved him the whole season, really he made the show that year worth watching. Would I ever want to encounter someone like ED in real life (or in the BB house for that matter)..NO…oh wait I think I already have, well that’s a whole other post. However he played one heck of a game and deserved that win, he was the most hated houseguest that season (like Russell seems to be this season) and yet he still ended up winning. Tell me that is not amazing.

Michele big brother 11

Now we have Michele as HOH and a DOUBLE EVICTION week, can we hope for a Chima/Natalie dismissal?? One can only dream! Michele is such a wild card and as much as I have to admit anything about Ronnie (wasn’t a big fan of his either), he was dead on about her. She is a sneak and is playing both sides like a fiddle. She may very well skate to the end if she keeps playing it just right. It was quite comical to watch her adamantly lie about what she told Russell to Russell himself.
I am stoked that adorable “I am sometimes not the brightest” Jeff, had a moment of brilliance, it was played as perfectly as the Mannheim Steamroller plays any of the songs they perform. He may not be the brightest crayon in the box most of the time, but the boy shined bright last night. Mission take out the athletes (well not Russell) and Chima hopefully is on the road to being finished.
Now it’s your turn. Who are you looking to make it to the end and who do you want to see them up against? Who has been your least favorite this year and why? And will you vote for me when you see me on Big Brother 12….

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  1. 1

    When Jeff stood up – I gasped!!! I know Chima & natalie had been putting pressure on anyone not using the power… LOVED IT!!!!

    Yeah Michelle – I remember Casey saying he thought she was mental. Yeah – I have to agree… Hoping she puts up a Natalie/Chima nomination!!! Sweet Bliss!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jess – one HOT dude… him & Jordan together are adorable too!

    Getting pretty upset with Kevin being all "Chima follower" too… Lydia… another girl I feel is a little mental. Just glad the Natalie/Jessie thing is broke up… PLEASE LORD – get Chima out!!

  2. 2

    Sweet! You're going to GM? Me too! Although I have to go on one of those itty bitty planes! Ugh! I'm excited now!

  3. 3

    I so love Big Brother! Pretty much it's all going down the way i want! lol I did feel a lil sorry for Jesse after Jeff put him up, maybe only because i would have rather seen Natalie hit the door first. She hasn't done anything but ride Jesse's coat tails and think she should have gone first. I really want Jeff to win, have since the beginning. Gorgeous gorgeous man! Plus i think he's nice! lol My perfect double elimination week would be to see Natalie and Chima go. Been trying to figure out who Michelle will put up, she's so all over the place it's hard to tell. Til next time…..

  4. 4

    Nice seeing you post Toni, and you are so "right on"! I totally loved watching that mass of muscles butt hit the block! His face said it all! LOL We could tell when he walked in and interrupted Russell and Michelle that he knew he was screwed and was trying any desperate move he could make! And Jeff played "the wizard" to perfection! I loved him saying that neither of them had had a taste of the block!
    I've been rooting for Jeff since the start but really didn't think he had a chance, but with Americas help he may just do it!
    Ronnies tirade at Michelle was great- and right! I can't stand her. And now she's in control- scarey! Its even scarier that shes in control on the double eviction night! Rats! 😉
    I'd really like to see Russell and Chima outta there! Natalie- she's no threat with Jessie gone. She will just flounder around and shoot off her mouth until they are sick of her. And while Kevin hasn't made any enemies, he hasn't made many friends either. Lydia is no help to him. She'd be gone already if there hadn't been worse people in line ahead of her! LOL
    So there's my take! We're having fun with BB, as usual! Expect the unexpected!

  5. 5

    I want to see Natalie GO GO GO…..don't let the door hit ya on the bum either.

    I was wanting Chima to go next but she already took care of that for me! bwahahahaha

    My favorites are RUSS followed by Jeff.

    Surely KEVIN will not go all the way. He is a floater and does NOTHING.

  6. 6

    I LOVE Jeff. In my opinion he is the hottest one ever… I've watched since the very first season.

    I do like Russell too.

    I was SOOO happy when Ronnie left, prior to that I was having trouble even watching the episodes.

    Never liked Jesse last season, didn't like him this season. Sad to see the girls toast to him on BB After Dark the other night! (gag!)

    I am GLAD that Chima is gone, will make for an interesting week, curious how they will handle it, just move on to the 2nd eviction?

    Even though E.D. was evil, he was up front, I liked him!

  7. 7

    It was great when Jeff won cause I actually voted for him to do so. I NEVER vote but Jessie and Natalie just made me want to hurl!
    I was afraid that Jeff might not use the power and I was elated when he stood up.
    I think I need to get out more!!!!